Hot spot frustration

I'm soooooo frustrated...

3wks ago I got sick and required emergency surgery.  I ended up hospitalized for over a week and I was away from my 5yr old bully boy Burger.  While I was gone my family and dog walker cared for him.  When I came home I was unable to walk and play with him.  I noticed when that he was shedding excessively and had nasty oozing on his neck and head. Smelled like a hot spot...  My gut  tells me he had some anxiety with me being gone. He's rarely sick and eats TOTW pacific stream and Stella & Chewys raw meals.  My vet was on vacation but suggested I put hydrogen peroxide on it and neosporin.  It's finally dried out but now he has giant scabs. Should I try to work them out of his fur? I don't want to hurt him.  

I need advice on what to do.... Please advise, you all never lead me wrong.

~ Caroline

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If it's dried up I would...

let the scabs fall off by themselves.  I use plain brown Listerine for hot spots and when it's dry, put gold bond medicated powder on it.   If it starts looking pusy or oozie, I would have it looked at.

Whew! Thanks Kathy!

Many thanks Kathy!  The oozing has stopped, thank goodness. I will make sure to add brown listerine to my "sick bully kit".  I have Gold Bond powder in my kit so I will shake some on his scabs.  It's just Burger, my 3yr old son and myself.  Doc said no lifting or driving, glad I don't have to take him to the vet!!!!