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Hi everyone!! i havent been on here in a while- i hope everyone and their bullies are having a nice holiday season!!  so last night i noticed my boyfriend say something about piper's breath.  i didnt notice anything..i mean its not that her breath smells like roses all the time, but i figured that her breath was just smelling worse than usual....THEN this morning i woke up and i noticed a smell...i followed it right to her mouth...i could smell it OUTSIDE her mouth...it was the most awful thing i have ever smelled in my life i cant even explain it..like she ate her poop then puked it up...JUST HORRIBLE!! has this happened to anyone  else??  i gave her mouth a good cleaning and am going to do an even better one when i get home...but i just worry that maybe it could be something more serious....please help!! thank you, heidi



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Maybe she has a bad tooth or...

she ate something that's stuck in there somewhere.  Use a flashlight and take a close look around her back teeth.

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Could be a ruptured abscess or a rotted tooth.

Either way, a vet visit might be in order for her...


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So i went home last night got all my tools out on the table- cotton balls, warm water, toothbrush, toothpaste, gum massager, q tips, baby wipes....needless to say, piper tried to hide once she saw all the goods coming out...but i noticed her breath was already better than the it had been in the morning.   anyway, i cleaned and scrubbed that mouth for  a good 30 minutes...she actually didnt mind! by the end she was lying on her back, paws up in the air and her jowls hanging by her ears!!  i think she just needed a good cleaning, thank god!!  thanks for the responses guys! :) heidi and piper



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Does she go out in a yard

If she goes out in her yard without supervision she could have eaten something not so nice.. :( .