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Homemade dog treats

Does anyone have any easy treat recipes for puppies?  My brother just got a couple of small dog puppies, and the first thing his wife brough home was the Waggin' Tails chicken treats that are recalled, [45 percent protein].  Glad I was there.  

The reason I have no idea on dog treats is I feed raw and I use raw beef liver and spleen, or turkey hearts, but my dogs are adults. 

I'm also thinking you can't feed raw and kibble or he could just feed raw liver for a treat.

I think even cooking a chicken [baking or boiling] would be better given as a snack than the Chinese treats. 

But I'd like others opinions.. I believe no snacks would be better than snacks with iffy ingredients.



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There are alot of treats made that are good for your just can't buy them at the grocery store in the dog section. Have them go to a shop even like Petco or PetsMart. Old Mother Hubbard is a decent treat, I personally like Wet Noses. Look for organic treats. I typically buy from local companies so I can support local business and Wet Noses is made in my backyard (so to speak). I just bought another grainfree organic treat call STAM Grain Free Treats.

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I'm still thinking of home made, maybe with vitamin e and salmon oil and maybe flax seed, and Not sure what else might work.

Thanks though, as My brother will be glad to know there are good treats, as he is a treat guy, My boys eating raw get goodies through the day as part of their diet.  Like 2 meals and one snack, but really the amount of the food is the same.

Having a couple treat brand names will help his new pups.

Here is a pic of the a box.  lol their crate is in the mail....really.....

I went to the breeder and I was so sad as the had two and I just couldn't stand the thought of separating them, no problem, he took them both.  I was so glad, and I know the pups are too.


Mean people still suck