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Homemade dog food

Ok so after a HUGE mistake of feeding our dogs "Solid Gold Wolfking Bison Flavor dog food" They are both so broke out in staph infection I am wanting to cry! Their eyes are goopy and I can tell they are just so miserable. I ordered Sulfamethoxazole 800mg, Trimethoprim 160mg antibiotics and am giving them allergy relief medication, along with three baths a week. I am now wanting to cook all their food. I have read articles about the poisons the manufacturers are putting in the food. I am seriously at my wits end. Does ANYONE have good affordable homemade recipes for dog food?? Buttercup and Ruffles and I would surely appreciate it!

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Recipes I have been cooking for 4 years now

So sorry to hear what your doggies are going through! I gave up on dog food 4 years ago. My french bulldog, Carmine is 14 years and 4 months old. In his early years, I fed him kibble (All the high end, premium ones).He would get terrible ear infections ,lick his feet and scratch frequently. When he was 5 yrs. old I switched him over to RAW. He was eating Nature's Variety/Primal/Stella and Chewy's for about 5 years. For some reason, his digestive system could not handle it anymore. He would regurgitate frequently usually right after eating. He also had many bouts of intestinal bacterial infections and diarrhea issues throughout the years which were cleared up quickly with a prescription of Flagyl. I have to say since I have been cooking his own food, I HAVE NOT HAD ANY of those issues anymore. My Frenchie is only 22 pounds. I make enough fresh food to last 4 days. I feed him twice a day and I use a big ice cream scoop to measure out his meals. He gets one scoop in am and one in pm.


1 bag of Trader Joe's frozen organic brown rice (cook in microwave)

3 different vegetables steamed and put in food processor ( choose from butternut squash, broccoli,sweet potatoes, zucchini, grean beans, cabbage, artichoke hearts, kale, brussel sprouts, carrots and peas)

Mix the cooked turkey, brown rice and steamed vegggies altogether in store in tupperware in fridge for up to 4 days. Measure out appropriate serving size for your bullys. I add a few dashes of garlic power and tumeric for seasoning. FYI I have not had to give him any fleas medication for the past 4 years! I think the garlic chases them away!!! LOL

I also add these supplements to his bow once a day: a Probiotic capsule, a teaspoon of bone meal powder and a multivitamin. In order for him to get his Omega 3's, I add 1 sardine to his evening meal. You could buy Krill instead. They come in gel capsules.

You should change the main protein every couple of months. Depending on what your dogs can and cannot eat. Be sure to rotate from Turkey, to chicken, to beef, to pork etc. etc.

I am sorry I cannot help you with measurements, but based on what I told you, I am sure you can figure out how much to make your babies.  I hope I was of some help!!!

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Thank you!!

I ordered the vitamin supplement and a calcium and omega additive last night. I will start my cooked food trial next week and let you know how its working!

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A good quality "grain free" food

is not an acceptable option for you? There are many of them out there. Good Luck


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I have tried for the past 6 months with grain free food

I have spent from 80-30 dollars a bag. It just isn't working! The oddest thing about this is my male Ruffles, was owned by a homeless couple who fed him Mcdonalds, pop tarts and potato chips, and he had no skin issues until I got him and started feeding him quality foods!! Buttercup is also a rescue, whose owner fed her kibbles and bits, and told me that her cists between her toes were something she always had?! I found out that this is also a sign of allergy, so I put them both on High dollar grain free foods, and have been having issues every since. The only other thing besides their food I have changed is I got them both fixed. Could it be hormones? I don't know....I take them to a vet yearly for shots and such, but right now I just can't afford a skin scraping and another visit.

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I'd put them on

a very bland diet (boiled chicken, rice, green beans)for 3-4 weeks and see if anything changes. Their issues may not be food related at all. Good Luck


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The culprit could be their yearly SHOTS!

The vaccine protocols these days have changed. There is no need anymore to vaccinate every year! This could be the cause of their skin issues. Their immune systems are being very compromised by this. I have not vaccinated my dog since he got his 1 year boosters because he had a terrible adverse reaction and I did not know which one caused it because they were administered all at once. When that happened, I did a ton of research and learned that vaccines are just a money making ploy by the vets and really are not necessary and can be the cause of all these poor animals suffering from allergies and a host of other immune related diseases and even cancer. If you feel you need to vaccinate, do it every three years until they reach the age of 7 or 8. Please look into this.

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But they haven't gotten their shots in over 8 months. It's the food I'm sure. Crossing my fingers that me cooking for them gives them some relief.