Home cooking for prevention of bladder stones???

Anybody have thoughts on cooking low purine for my dog who has had bladder stones????  Thanks!!


She is currently on Royal Canin U/C and I hear it's not great.....  along with the Science Diet, which I hear horrible things about.  I am at my wits end because the vet says she needs special food for her problems but, I'm just not convinced it's the best for her.  I have NO PROBLEM cooking for her but, not sure where to start....  Any ideas?

While I have no experience with this problem,

in the book The Nature of Animal Healing by Dr. Martin Goldstein on page 191 he comments that you should use only steamdistilled water as it is devoid of minerals that help form stones.

Also, he says he's seen results fron S/D for dogs with this problem. While he would never recommend it for a healthy pet,the absence of minerals in this food encourages the body to reabsorb the minerals that form certain kinds of stones.

It's also important to know what kind of stones they are. Then you could google to find which food is best.

Hope this helps some. So sorry you're having to deal with these issues.


Kofi and Carol