Hives caused by food allergy?

My 7 yr old Maddie broke out in hives about a week ago causing extreme itching and discomfort which lead to an emergency vet visit. She was given a benedryl and steroid shot and was sent home with a short dose of prednisone and instructed to take benedryl every 8 hours until rash disappears. A couple days later she began waking up with swollen eyes. After switching to a free and clear laundry detergent and not using fabric softener she is still red on parts of her belly, face and chest but is not having any itching or discomfort or swelling on face. This change did seem to help but I am still concerned with the continued redness. I originally believed this reaction was caused by the detergent/softener but am beginning to wonder if this could also be food related. She is currently eating Natural Balance sweet potato and fish which I believed to be a good allergy formula. Any suggestions/ advice is appreciated!

Ashley and Maddie

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Has there been anything else besides the detergent...

such as carpet cleaner, bug spray, etc?  It can take a while for an allergic reaction to go away, maybe it's just a little residual redness that's left.  I wouldn't suspect food first with that kind of reaction.  

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just long

just long has Maddie been eating Natural Balance sweet potato and fish, and how long were you using the laundry detergent that you think she is now allergic to?