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Hip & Joint Health supplement dosage question

Hi! Hope all is well with everyone. Since Tuffy is almost three, I'm going to start him on a Hip & Joint supplement. I picked up a bottle of GNC Mega Hip & Joint supplement, which has 500 mg glucosamine + 50 mg chondroitin + 10 mg MSM (Label also says it has added zinc and vitamin C to protect against free radicals). The recommended dose is 2 tablets for dogs over 50 lbs. Does that sound right? Or should I just give him one tablet so he just gets 500 mg glucosamine daily?


Kim (And Mr. McTuffster)


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Hi guys:-)! Mine get 1000 mg daily.

I would go with that dosage...


Amy and Sophia

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Agree 1000 mg a day


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You might be able to...

Get the same thing a lot cheaper at Costco or Walmart tho. 

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Here is what my tabs include

500mg glucosamine
400mg chondroitin
200mg msm

Mr. Higgins gets 1 tab in the am, 1 tab in the pm. He has had 3 knee surgeries with his left patella removed and is now 9 years young. He walks well. He has been on the same supplement since 1 year of age. I am quite pleased.


I give my girl Triple flex,

I give my girl Triple flex, one in the am and one in the pm. I used to also give her fish oil however I stopped and i give her 2 cans of sardines a week. My holistic vet said getting the oil from the source is much better then the pills.

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Thanks everyone! Followup question.

I will give him 1000 mg. Should I give one in the mornign and one at night? Or ok to give it together?


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All at the same time is fine:-)

I mix ours into the evening meal along with the salmon oil they get, with a tablespoon of yogurt:-)


Amy and Sophia