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help needed with stuffedup nose

Hi everyone

We just got Herman over a week ago, he is our new rescue, about 4 to 7 years old.  he is a sweetie. 
It has been a while since I have dealt with stuffy nose but this one is pretty bad one...Herman came to us with a seriously runny nose.
He had his palate clipped, is on antibiotics (caphelexin)and now on Atarax for allergies/runny nose.  He is not sleeping well and neither are we.  He is very stuffed up, something is constantly coming out his nose, then dries up and at night it is obvious that something is blocking his nose and he cannot sleep trying to breathe through his mouth (dogs are nose breathers. I have tried to give him orange pieces to break the mucus, but it does not help much.  Anyone can advise anything?  Poor thing is wiped out (and so are we) from not sleeping. 

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How about Benedryl, or we were just saying on the main forum

Having a talk about allergies on the main forum. Ever try Hydroxyzine? I use it on my horses whne they get allergies in the spring. I can definitely say it dries up their runny noses very well. If I even see snot, I put them on it! LOL!


Amy and Sophia

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I think Atarax is Hydroxyzine...

this is what he is on...still stuffed up like crazy.  Someone recommended humidifier, will try that.

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Have u tried...

A humidifier? Or making sure window is closed? I noticed Kibby gets stuffy with cold air coming thru the room.  Sometimes it helps when I put a little blanket in front of her nose, I think breathing warm air makes it easier. Maybe claritin instead of your other allergy med? Sometimes if I see a bunch of white mucus or phlegm stuk on the back of her throat (like when she is yawning),, then I will literally take a warm moist wash cloth and wipe off the top of her inside mouth to get as much out as possible!


sincerely, christine