Good morning all, I hope you can help!
I have a one year old engligh bulldog, not spayed yet, waiting until July 22/14 as we wanted her to go through one heat cycle.
She was eating "Acana" grain free (pacifica) dog food and was doing well for 8-9 months, around the age of one she started to have GI issues (diarrhea) for a few weeks, and she lost 7lbs, we tied metronidazole and nothing helped so we switched to the Royale Canin, G.I low fat food (NOT grain free) from the vet and this has helped emensly with her GI issues and she has gained back the 7lbs and no diarrhea and active.
She is however having dry flaky skin on her back and shedding A LOT (way more than normal) and her coat is not looking great (we are adding Fish oil fromt he vets office but this does not seem to be helping)

I was wondering if you had any ideas or opinions about any grain free foods we could try? have you ever heard of "Fromm"? We are looking for some advice on a good quality food to try, money is not a problem we just want to ensure we are feeding her a well balanced diet to ensure optimal growth.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I agree Royal Canin is not very good...

we switched Chester at one time and he had the same reaction.  There are different protein sources in grain free foods, fish, duck, etc.  We use duck potato (Natural Balance) and our guys do well on it.  I'm assuming Pacifica is fish, so maybe that's not a good one for your guy.   A heaping teaspoon of plain pumpkin on each meal can also help.  I would rather feed rice and scrambled egg than RC food, we had Chester on that along with green beans for a while until he got squared away.  But Natural Balance is good.  We've also used Taste of wild, just be careful with the protein levels, over 24% i not great for our guys and a lot of the beef based foods are too high.

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I agree with Kathy, watch the protein amount in the food...

I would go with Natural Balance or similar. I feed Blue Buffalo, but not grain free, and my dogs look great on it, but my English Bully eats Castor and Pollux low fat. Sophia has a problem with yeast on the Blue Buffalo.


Amy and Sophia


Thanks guys! Yes, we are trying "Oven Baked", lamb as it only has one protein source, has anyone ever tried this one?
Thinking if this does not work we will try Fromm.
Grain or grain free, that is the question...

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Be cautious about the protein levels.

Anything over about 25% I would stay away from. Too much protein for our guys!


Amy and Sophia


Maybe, we will give Natural Balance a try if this one doesn't work!
Thanks for the advice!

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We have used Tried Fromm Surf n Turf and Beef Fritatta. It's an excellent food, but not limited ingredient. My Bully can't have chicken and I found out the hard way, the Surf n Turf has chicken also. I'm still searching for the perfect food..LOL...but Zignature is a good one to check out too. It's more what our a Bully can tolerate...but Royal Canin is really probably not what you want long term. 

Coconut oil added to their food (a tsp) is wonderful for their coats...