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Hello , I am new here.. I wondered if someone

knows what is wrong with my Bulldog puppy. It started this morning , I got her last Saturday and got her a vet check last Monday they tested her for everything and said she was perfect. She was doing great all week , she had some blood in her stool because I figured from the stress of flying and new food her stomach was a bit upset and the vet did not say anything when he checked her stool ,boy can she eat , to much I think ,but anyways sometimes I have to wipe her butt after she goes to the bathroom and today I took her to her first class with her private trainer where she had cheese and chicken for treats , this upset her stomach I guess because now her poop is softer but won't come out all the way , I went to wipe her but and it bothers her. She cried and growled and tried to bite me and she ate her dinner but not all and she went to lay back down which is not normal. Does anyone know whats wrong ? When I pick her up it is o.k , but if I get near her bum she cries. Something is hurting her butt .I can not see anything that would be hurting her on her butt. She is 11 weeks old . Thank you

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What we do for soft stools is...

put a spoonful of regular canned pumpkin on the food, not the pie mix, but plain canned pumpkin.  That will help firm it up.  It's not unusual to see a little speck of blood if the stools are loose, it's bowel irritation usually.  At 11 weeks I would hesitate to take a puppy out in public since she hasnt finished her shots yet.  I was always told to keep them at home until all the puppy shots were finished.  And some bulldogs do have sensative stomachs, I know our guys can get the runs from eating new foods, we always introduce them very slowly.  Let us know how she's doing.  If it continues or she seems worse, I would take her back to the vet.

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Thank you

The more I am watching her tonight though , she is eating and drinking but when she poops she runs and tries to desperately scoot her butt ,if I try to clean her butt because she can't reach it she turns and tries to bite:-( Could this be an inverted tail problem? She does have a tiny swirl tail that bothers her when you try to lift it..

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It could be a tail problem...

maybe she has some irritation under there?  Does it swirl outside or does it curl into her?  If it goes in, she would have a pocket underneath that can get dirty and infected if it's not cleaned.  We have both kinds here and they all need to be cleaned regularly.  Or her bum could be sore from pooping, maybe rubbing a small amount of neosporin or something lubricating around the opening would soothe it.  

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Puppy this young

that is having a tail problem needs to be seen by a vet. She could be infected from the diarrhea or she could have an inverted tail, but she will probably need to be sedated some so you can figure out what the problem is. Whatever it is, this is not normal and she is in pain. I will tell you the tail will get worse as she grows, so if it's inverted now and she's in this much pain, then she is going to be a candidate for tail amputation sooner then later.

Let's hope she is just infected.

Are you sure she hasn't eaten something that may be stuck in her bum?

Also at 11 weeks her diet needs to be very bland. If she is food motivated, and most puppies are, all you need for treats is her kibble. Giving her chicken and cheese and changing her food is way too much for her little tummy. I'm a little surprised your trainer doesn't know this.

Also I agree about shots and taking her out....IMO you shouldn't be exposing her until her final shots, about 16 weeks. AND do not give her her rabies shot until she is 6 months. I would have hoped your breeder would have provided you this information.

Did you see this puppy before you had it shipped to you and meet the breeder?

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Thank you Everyone

We ended up taking her to emergency vet because she was bleeding terrible from her rectum ,we got there and they said she was just upset with food change and being on the flight to us. I did not buy this though and we left after a bit of driving she was fussing so we pulled over so she could go to the rest room and she was straining and there was something that wasn't coming out , my husband pulled it out and it was part of a shoe she got hold of two days earlier then another piece we had to take out . I called the vet and he said it could not be a blockage because it is already past the intestine. we got the second piece out and now she is as good as new .

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The Breeder is reputable checked her out with BBB and kennel club and asked for references and called them . I talked to her all the time and she and I always talk as I am using her as a mentor ,I was referred to her for her imported champion line from friends at dog shows. Pretty much I got nervous however because she is my first Bull dog and all I have ever had was my Rottweiler's. I am a heath tested conscientious breeder of imported Rottweiler's but have never raised a bull dog and was unable to reach her for this concern of mine. Thank you all very much.