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Health issues again

So most everyone knows of the food issues we've been having with Fatboy. It seems like I've tried everything under the sun in order to find something that agrees with him. He did really well on Honest Kitchen. However we think it gave him aspiration pneumonia because he would turn into a vaccum while he ate his food.

We put him back on Petcurean Now Fresh Grain Free. He tolerated the first bag well. But this second bag is giving him really loose stool. And everytime he goes to do his business, it's practically an explosion (sorry to be graphic). Just recently he's been dry heaving a lot. Today he acutally threw up a lot more food than what he actually at at dinner. I'm at a loss here. I'm taking him in to the vet this weekend, just to make sure he doesn't have pneumonia again. But I don't know what to do as far as the food goes.

Could we just be feeding him too much? He eats a cup and a half at each meal. He's fed twice a day. Also, he starts to cough up phlegm when he's chewing on his toys (tires, kong bone, kong balls). The last part might not have anything to do with anything, but I'm just throwing it all out there. I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you.


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No advice or experience, just hope he gets better!! ((hugs))NM



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I'm not sure about the dry heaving or throwing up food...

but 3 cups of food a day seems like a bit much.  We feed Dooley Natures Variety Instinct  Limited Ingredient Lamb.  He gets 3/4 c 2 x per day.  He has maintained 65 lbs for months.  I sure hope you find out what is going on with your boy. Keep us updated.


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Have they check his palate?

Phlegm and urping up food can be a sign of elongated palate, that can also make them prone to aspirating food (pneumonia).  What we used to do for dogs that ate too fast was spread the food out on a large cookie sheet so it takes them longer to get it in their mouths.  Or you can put a large rock in the middle of their dish so they have to eat around it. 

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my boy gets 2 cups/day



chubbs Gracie gets 2 cups a day....

of Natures Variety Instinct Limited ingredient Lamb. She has done amazing with this dog food. this is her 4th dog food and I would highly recommend. She eats 1 cup twice a day. She weighs 65lbs. She has an extremely sensitive stomach so we don't feed her anything else - no table food or anything because every time we give her even the littlest thing, she has a reaction. Her stools are perfect. maybe you could try feeding him a little less and see how he does. He is the cutest little guy - I just love him!! I hope you find the perfect food for him!

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sorry to hear

Hope your little Fat Boy is ok an the only thing I can ad as for food issues, Penelope had a lot of them with every dry I tried, RC24, blue buffalo, natural balance just to say a few, I heard great thing about Raw diets on here from a lot of people so I started Penelope on natures variety chicken but she had reactions an same with turkey. Finally I got her on rabbit ,duck an boar so she could have a variety from Tollden farms an she's doing great no more burps or soft stool an she doesn't itch any more or anything. Don't know if this help but I hope you find that perfect food you your little buddy Fat Boy an that its only a food problem.


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We feed Tucker "Now".....

... with great success. We feed according to the bag and Tucker gets just under 3 c/day(in 2 feedings). He weighs about 67 pounds but is fairly active and not at all overweight. He does get treats and veggies(his fave!)too.

I have no experience with pneumonia but Tucker did use to throw up his food right after he ate because he would eat his food so fast. On advice from our vet we now have a regular cereal bowl upside down in his bowl to slow him down. Now he has to eat around the sides of the bowl so he can't eat as fast.

I hope Fat Boy feels better. Good luck :)


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Have a friend that had this problem

for over a year with one of her bulldogs.  He is now on Wellness Core and she has not had one more problem.  Good luck with your baby!

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It may be the processing

and not the igredients. Processed kibbled dog food is VERY hard to digest. Dogs digestive system is designed to work on food that is 70% moisture. Dry food forces their body to pull the moisture out of the organs. 

Very stressfull and over time can take it's toll. My dog was vomiting and having issues too, we tried just about everything and nothing helped until we switched her to raw. 3 years now and still no more problems, unless she eats something off the floor. She can't handle starches or carbohydrates, makes her itchy and have runny poops, so she gets none. She has issues with dehydrated food and ALL chemical additives and preservatives. 

Fresh food is much better for ALL living beings, dogs are no different. Some dogs have more trouble with processed food than others. If your dog is having chronic problems it may be time to try a different way of feeding altogether. 


Cathy and Audrey  

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I of course agree


I agree with checking him for Elongated Palette...

I have to agree with someone above who said have him checked for Palette problem... I thought it was in only younger dogs that they get this, but in fact my Emma started having problems with throwing up bits of food and would have thick mucous in there, it got so bad that I took her for a second opinion because I was not happy with what my own vet said.. I took her to a Vet that is pretty widely known for the Bulldog breed, his name is Dr. Hutchison in North Ridgeville, Ohio..   Emma ended up needing that suregery and her nose opened a little bit... I was on pins and needles and would literally have heart failure everytime she coughed or I thought she was gonna throw up..  please look into it, it may be all he needs to make him whole again./..lol

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Yes, it absolutely can happen to older dogs...

Chester never had a problem with loud breathing or snoring, he was 5 when he started urping food and water for no apparent reason.  We thought it was a stomach problem until one day at the park, he inhaled something that made his throat swell a little and we almost lost him.  When we finally got him to a surgeon, he told us that his palate was extremely long and that was basically what caused his respiratory distress.  Ever since it was fixed, he hasn't had the urping, he keeps everything down and has a lot more energy than he used to.  

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Palettes stretch with age

according to my vet...so it should be rare that you see this problem in puppies unless it is severe case. Most vets recommend the surgery after 1 year and sometimes it does have to be done again.