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Head Tremors and linked to low blood sugar but could be more...

So since joining this forum and reading alot about all the other bulldogs having head tremors and the owners giving them Kyro syrup to snap them out of it because they think its linked to possible low blood sugars... I went to the vet and told her all I read about on here and she said she had never heard of it, but was willing to help me explore the options.  She said that we could do a blood test to see what Bella's average glucose levels were for the past 3 weeks, its called Fructosamine. (sorry I can't spell!)   Well she did the test and I got a call yesterday informing me that what I had been reading could be true because Bella's blood sugar was low.  She then called an Internal Medicine Vet and discussed what I had told her from here and then the results of Bella's test.  The Internalist said that we should recheck her levels again in a few weeks, and if it comes back low again that we need to then start searching for WHY.  Not that its just that she could be diabetic, they are saying we need to check her liver functions to see if its working properly, and then if that comes back ok then we need to check her pancrius because she could be developing tumors and that they could be causing the blockage of insulin being produced!  SO aparently YES the head tremors can be due to low blood sugar, but I guess that means there is a possibility of another underlying issue, not just a neurological issue.  

My poor girl can't catch a break!  Just had a possible cancerous tumor removed last Friday and now this!  I will get the pathology results hopefully by friday or saturday.  The waiting is killing me!  And just for the record my bulldog feels no pain!  once the anastesia wore off she was crazy!  running around, jumping!  I had to get a sedative in order to keep her calm so she didn't pop her stitches!  

We go back on the 20th for the recheck of her Fructosamine levels and to get her stitches removed.  I  will post what the outcome is just incase it would help other owners and their Bullys!  

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I have found that changing foods can help head tremors

I've had two dogs with head tremors over the years. Both times I changed food and the dogs never had them again.

Interesting. My girl was

Interesting. My girl was just in the hospital for a week and a half. She had been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia @ 6 months old and we have been treating her with supplements and physical therapy. We were told at about a year and a half she had grown into her joints then she started limping again and she was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. She needed immediate surgery to remove a floating bone. Most recently the limp came back then her rear legs went paralized. She went to the ER on a sat and they thought she had a spinal imjury. They did an MRI no compression but they saw some areas they were concerned with. So they did a spinal tap and diagnosed her with meningomyeltis. Which is and auto immune disease. She has since regained use of her legs and seems to be getting stronger. While she was in the hospital she started getting head tremors. She had a really bad one there. Since she has been back home she had a bad one the first night and a much milder one the next. She hasn't had one in over a week but i notice very slight up and down movements. Were goign back to Tufts for our first follow up in two days.