hard pink pimple like on lip need advice pls

My bulldog has this hard like pimple on his lip. There is no pus but it's very hard and pink where his normal lip color is black. Is there anything I can put on it to shrink it? I read about witch hazel and does this work and where can I buy it?

He never had this before, first time. And he loves to play with those squeaky tennis ball. He's 3yrs old.

Any help is appreciated. Will post a pic of it when I get home.



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It will be hard to put anything on his lip...

that he won't lick off.  If he were my dog, I would have the vet take a look at it.  

here is the pic

i did take him to the vet. she said it a pimple and gave him clavamox for 14 days but it doest seem to help.

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That looks pretty big...

did it just pop up quickly or did it take a while to get that big?

took awhile

it was small and about 3 or 4 weeks it grew like that. dr said it will take awhile to shrink since she thinks its a pimple. its hard but doesnt seem to bother him. ill wait until he's done with the antibiotics course and bring him in for a recheck again.

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My bully gets these...

She had 2 on one side of her lip.  They looked like pimples.  I had the vet take a look when she was in for vaccinations and he thought so too.  They went away on their own. He said it could of been irritated from chewing on toys too.  


i took away his rubber ball

i took away his rubber ball and wash the area with witch hazel and its not as pink. hopefully it will go away.

thank you for replying.