Hairloss / Alopecia?


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This is a picture of Frank's hairloss on his side, it is like this on both sides.  It has been over a year like this without improvement.  Any suggestions?  His skin is starting to get rough in the bald areas.  Will his fur grow back? Does anyone have remedies?

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Seasonal Flank Alopecia

It doesn't always grow back for years.   My now 13 yr. old developed this when she was about 18 mos. old, it got better then worse, better then worse, then it stayed like that for years.  Suddenly several years ago, the hair grew back, but it was no longer brindle as it had been before, it is all dark hair in the area of previous loss.  It's not a health issue, only cosmetic.  We had the blood tests done, even to Dr. Dodds, all was normal.  We tried the melatonin without help.   The only thing that I didn't try with her that I tried with her daughter was keeping her under full spectrum lighting duirng the day in winter months.  I think that may have helped the daughter.  Good luck!


Thanks Micki, that was helpful.


Full spectrum light?

is that a special lightbulb ? or one of those 'Anti-depression Light Boxes' for us humans?


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I thinkt it is the same as the anti-depression lights.  I learned about benefits of full spectrum lighting at a reproduction seminar I took many years ago.  The presenter talked about how with people working, many dogs don't get enough sunshine in the winter months and that could even effect reproductive systems on some of them.  I mentioned the seasonal flank alopecia and she said it would work for that, too, since it is usually sunlight related.  It's the pineal gland that receives the sunlight through the eyes that is affected.  That's what is affected in humans as well, and they benefit by additional lighting.   I had fluorescent fixtures installed in my dog room, and at that time was able to get the full spectrum flourescent lights at Lowes, which are the original ones I bought, and they still are working.  Since then I've learned that incandescent full spectrum lighting is preferred to flourescent, but it's what I have, and maybe it worked.  I've only had two girls (mother and daughter) affected with seasonal flank alopecia.

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My bulldog has the same hair

My bulldog has the same hair loss the vet suggested fish oil.  Omega 3  .  It took 3 months for all the hair to grow back but her coat is great now. I was told lack of sun can cause this.  She had it for about a year before I started with the fish oil.  Good luck


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Melatonin Worked For Us

3mgs of Melatonin every day worked for us. The trick was being consistent and patient. It took about two months before we saw any change but once the fur started to return, it took no time at all for the bald patches to fill in. There are still two small stubborn patches but overall, we are very happy with his improvement!!

Here are a couple of before & after shots... 


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Squishy had the same hair loss for 3 years from fall to summer

Squishy had a seasonal hair loss issues for 3 years. She would be hairless on her sides for about 6 months every year. We put her on a Organic Raw Foods (Darwin's) diet and all her hair came back quick, within about 2 weeks there was huge difference. Her hair usually comes back very slow and she would be hairless for 4 more months. Since Squishy is used in the photos for Squishy Pet Products we like taking her out and now she looks much better. I hope this helps. Shirley