Hair lost

My. Bulldog started losing her hair and getting ruff spots on her skin? We did change her food for a short time and now went back to the one we had before.and it looks a little better could this be why she started losing her hair is it the wheat that was in the one we tried?

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Yes, wheat can cause that if...

she's allergic to it.  I feed our guys grain free and they have beautiful coats.

What do you feed yours I'm

What do you feed yours I'm thinking that mine should be on better food.right now we are using iams.

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Newman was on Iams when we got him from his breeder...

he was 8 months old and had the worst tear stains I've ever seen.  We put him on Natural Balance duck potato and used filtered water, and he looked great after a few weeks.  The Natural Balance fish potato is also a great food.  I use Natural Balance because it's a good food and easy to find (pet depots and Petco carry it).  There are other good brands such as Taste of the Wild and Costco even carries a grain free fish potato.  Whatever you switch to, it can take 6 weeks to see a change and make sure you do the switch very slowly so he doesn't get stomach upset.  

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I strongly recommend a food change.

Iams is not a good food. Try a grain free like Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild, or similar. Stay around 25% protein! nothing higher. It will take several weeks to see change, but you should see a difference within 6 weeks.


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Seasonal Alopecia?

Brit used to have seasonal alopecia-hair loss, every spring. We bought Welactin(omega 3 oil supplement) from our vet. It's a flavored liquid you mix with the dog food. She still has thin hair in spots when she sheds , but she doesn't get the bald spots.


DId you take him

to the vet and have his skin scraped for Mites... One of mine had mites and got a bald spot....

The vet said she fine and

The vet said she fine and that this just happens with bulldogs.they did do testing I'm going to change the food Thursday slowly when we get to town thank you.i would do it today but we live way out to town only go into town one day a week . We do not have any pet stores here but the feed store carries nature balance.


mixing coconut oil and neem oil (one to one ratio) and put it on the stops... that is what I did with my dogs... I swear by that neem oil - Order it on line.. it smells pretty bad but works like a charm!