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Gurgley stomach

Fatboy's stomach has been really noisy.  My husband slept in the living room (due to Fatboy's snoring) and the noises Fattie's stomach was making woke him up.  Fatboy sleeps in the bedroom with me.  It all started when he threw up A LOT of his food last night after eating an ice cube.  It looked like it was 2 meals.  Of course he was hungry within a few minutes, but we didn't want to feed him and mess up his potty schedule.  Well now were dealing with these extremely loud noises.  I squish his stomach and he doesn't seem to be in pain, but I can tell he is uncomfortable.  This morning he won't eat his food or any treats.  I'm going to check on him during my lunch break today.  But does anyone know what might be going on?  


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Possibly a gas build up?

You could try a Gas Ex and see if that helps.  Maybe give him some bland food for a day or so until he starts to feel better.

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I'm sorry Fatboy isn't feeling too good.

But really I have to laugh that your hubby is out on the couch while your wiggle bum gets the bed with you. Oh, the things we do for our bullies :)

Feel better soon, Fatboy. I know, that wasn't much help.


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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Could be a number of things

I wasn't sure by your discription, but his food might be disagreeing with him. Also, some bulldogs love ice cutes, but cold food, like ice cream and ice cubes  has always made my bulldog puke. Also, when her stomach is empty, she'll get rumbly tumbly which is very noisy. Our bullie gets this some mornings and we give her ground turkey with rice. She eats that and is fine.