grain free food

Looking for a grain free food for my 81/2 year old boy. He has some allergies and anal gland issues.


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We use Natural Balance duck potato and...

we're very happy with it.  Medium priced and our boys have great coats and no tear stains or stomach issues.  They also make a salmon sweet potato that is good.

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We have had Tucker on.....

..... a food called "Now" and it's made from a Canadian company called Petcurean.


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I recently switched to Natural Balance duck and potato

due to the recommendations here. The girls were eating the Natural Balance chicken before that but were having some issues. The older girl does actually seem better since the switch.


We use American Natural

We use American Natural Premium (it's the generic to Fromm) All of Brewer's skin allergies are gone. The ingredients are the same in both except we don't pay for the fancy packaging of the Fromm. Oh and it's obviously grain free.


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Taste of the Wild

We have used Taste of the Wild for Dana        He was on purina pro plan when we brought him home but his poops were awful and tear stains were there too.  Someone had recommended we switch him to a grain free food and suggested Taste of the Wild... You can also check out and they have all the foods rated with stars...5 being the best



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