Grain free food

I keep hearing that grain free food is the way to go for our dogs. I am feeding Phobe "Now" which is a highly rated grain free food made in Calgary. It comes highly recommended. She has however been having the itchies within the last 3-4 weeks. Had her ears checked and they are slightly inflamed but not to the point where medication other than cleaning and Otomax are being used. I have no idea if her food is causing the itchiness or if it is seasonal allergies or what. How would I have any idea if it is the food without changing it  and what would I change it to? Ideas????

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She is a puppy right?

I fed "Now" for a long time before I went to raw.  Do you add any additional Omega 3/6?  If you look at the ingredient list for Now it is lacking in those Omega's.  So IMO before you jump to another food, try adding Wild Salmon oil to boost the Omega's and see if that helps.  I would give it a good 6 weeks before deciding to make a change.  If you add oil...go very slowly and I never give the amount it says on the bottle.  After all they ar in the market to sell their product, the more you use the more you buy.  I give my adult dogs maybe 1/2 a squirt and Kohl gets closer to a full pump once a day, cus he's a big guy.

Thanks for the info...

Yes, Phoebe is 5 months old. I am more than willing to try the oil so will look for some next time I am out. Have you any idea how much I should give her and how often? Thanks. Carol

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Just start slowly

because it will give her the runs.  I get the Wild Salmon Oil (Grizzley or Alaskan Bear Treats) in a larger size with a pump.  I give a partial pump, it you measure I would only start with 1/4 teaspoon  for the first week.  You can give daily but I don't always give daily but somewhere around 4-5 times a week.  The bottle gives you a suggested amount but I always do less then what it says.  You can work her up to a couple of teaspoons a day or 4 times a week.