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A good breakfast

2 turkey hearts, a piece of beef spleen and a chicken leg, plus 1/2 a grand coat Omega 3 and 6 tab.

Problem, some pink and rust colors on muzzle and feet......I'd guess it's yeast so what can I use?

I just haven't found the secret to change their coats the white I see on others dogs, I use a good shampoo and it helps with the body, but muzzle and feet I still need some help with.  

I wonder if it has to do with outside allegeries as they go outside to do their business.



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Do you use filtered water?

Regular tap water can sometimes cause reddish/pink spots.  We use a Britta pitcher for our guys.

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I have a Britta, I'll get a new filter, it did help before.....thanks again.



Mean people still suck

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Yeast issues

My bulldog Annie suffered with yeast her whole life. She will be turning 9 in a few weeks. The best thing that has helped her is feeding rabbit( cooling food) and grass fed antibiotic free ground beef (neutral food), and greek yogurt about 3 tablespoons a day as a snack. I do not give her anything else. She reacts to chicken and turkey with severe yeast as well as ear infections. I fed her some antibiotic free turkey a few weeks ago and we had a severe ear infection as well as red skin and yeast. Here is a link to the cooling vs. hot foods.