GME --- Babe Ruth Update

Babe Ruth has been stable for a while now. She does not have full stability in her rear legs. The neurologist believes she will never get a full return. It has almost been 2 month since the disease took control of her body which caused her to be paralyzed with her rear legs and bladder. She is up walking around and can pee and poop on her own in the squatting positiom. She goes on 3 mini walks a day and enjoys playing in her wading pool. She has good days and bad moments.

She is on her first Pred reduction she started @ 80 mgs and is down to 60 mg's a day.

She is also on procarbazine which is a immune suppresant and
Pronin to help strengthen her bladder.
As well as Bytil which is an antibiotic for her UTI.

I also give her the following supplemenst daily
Fish oil --- For her Hip and elbow dysplasia
Triple Flex --- For her Hip and elbow dysplasia
Coconut oil
Apple cider Vinegar
Cranberry supplements --- For her UTI

I wish I can do more for her and I'm concerned about the effect of the Prednisone and Procarbazine.

We have an appointment with a holistic vet this sunday. He seems like a wonderful person. I've read that accupuncture can help this disease along with some chinese herbs.

Looking for some natural ways to protect her liver and bone marrow while not interferring with her Immune system.

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Glad to hear there is some improvement...

we did acupuncture when our Oscar was on chemo and it seemed to help him.  Not easy to do on a dog, the oncologist would just get all the needles placed and he would shake and they'd go flying.  But most of the time he actually seemed to enjoy it.

It will for sure be

It will for sure be interesting. How many session did Oscar have? I'm hoping this gives her more relief. She's so easy going and really has been a trooper.

I didn't even know this was an option.

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He used to have it once a week...

For about three months. The oncologist did it herself , she believed very strongly in holistics along with the chemo.  

Babe Ruth's appointment with

Babe Ruth's appointment with the Holistic Vet went well. The Holistic vet was concerned with how weak she is, and he is focusing his treatment on her overall well being.

The appointment lasted an hour and half.

Babe Ruth had Acupuncture and was a fan. I believe he put 20 or so needles in various spots. She was calm all while he inserted them and then she laid down and slept for 20 minutes. He was i...mpressed with her breathing as it had calmed. He did not treat her spine however he inserted the needles in places to get over better health from her first.

We are keeping Babe Ruth on the Tufts plan with The prednisone and Procarbazine.

Through the advise of the Holistic Vet we are changing her food from Natural Balance to Merricks Grain free Real Pork + Sweet Potato.

We are no longer going to give her fish oil but instead we are switching over to 2 cans of sardines a week. He advised to use the Sardines in water that are salt free.

He wanted me to start her on Milk Thistle immediately and speak to her neuroligist about Denamarin. He also advised to add Soy Lecithin, Methylcobalamin B12, Termeric root, and Refridgerated Probiotic.

For a snack we will be making a Bone Marrow soup, as well as offering Boiled organic liver, organic hearts, hard winter squash, yucca, green beans, cabbage, and carrots.

We were a little over whelmed however everything he suggested makes sense. We started the new supplements last night. We will follow up with the Holistic vet this week. I love the fact that I have his direct cell phone and email information and he encouraged me to reach out at any time.

Babe Ruth has her 2 month check up @ Tufts this Thursday and I will review these changes with her Neurologist. I think she may be do for another Prednisone reduction as well.

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Just curious....

How much was this Holistic Vet compared to a reg vet?? 


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I would say much less

I would say much less expensive. I only paid $75 the visit which was an hour and a half. He did acupunture and gave her a vitamin injection.

I feel everytime I go to the local vet the prices are crazy.
Just an office vist is $68. Then you add in everything the do.

This man really is a good person and loves all animals. I really enjoy working with him.

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Good to hear. We are diving

Good to hear. We are diving into the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) world for Rebel's cancer as well. It can be overwhelming. I don't want it to be for him, so I just try to choose what both of us can handle and move from there. Twenty supplements and all home cooked meals just wasn't going to be reality for us, I was just really upfront with about that and then they helped me narrow down what he felt like Rebel would benefit most from and what we could do. I hope you find the best routine and plan your family.

Thank you. I do like that

Thank you.

I do like that the holistic vet listens to me more and is more willing to apadt a plan that works for me and Babe.

Babe is on Prednisone and Procarbazine for GME

6 other supps

It's not to bad but sometimes I forget and i'm like did i give her that one???

I used to her meds in greenies pill pockets but now she gets so many I just throw them in her kibble and she eats them.