Gizman Allergies & chronic dry eye

Best med/homeremedy for allergies? Chronic dry eye?  Approaching my man Gizzy's BAD season.  He is already on Atopica & cyclospoine for his eyes as well


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Have you ever had him tested?

we had one with seasonal allergies, from March thru April he would scratch himself bloody.  Turned out he was allergic to bermuda grass when it was germinating, a large part of our yard.  We would use Temeril-P, an antihistamine with a small amount of prednisone in it which gave him some relief.  Also had him on a grain free diet, filtered water,  etc.  It's a miserable experience for them and us.

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Genteal eye drops for moderate to severe dry eye work well in addition to the other dry eye medications.  It is also available in a gel form.  You can find it at any drug store.  



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