Frito Feet

My female bulldog (will be 2 in September) has always had cronic frito feet. They stink like corn chips. We have taken her to the vet multiple times and tried just about everything suggested. The problem won't go away. I've been told it is a yeast problem on her feet and to try vinegar, betadine, and epsom salt. We bathe her with medicated shampoo that the vet gave us but nothing helps. We are now trying different foods as we can't think of any other cause. We have completely stopped all treats, clean her feet everytime she comes in from outside. We cannot be the only ones who have had this problem. Any suggestions?

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I would use grain free food if...

you aren't already.  We use Natural balance duck potato and fish potato is also another good one.  

I swear by

neem oil with all of my dogs skin issues...
I posted a neem website on BDW before.. look for it... We love this stuff, works great!

here you go

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I highly recommend switching

I highly recommend switching to a grain free diet. Diesel has been on grain free since he was a puppy and we have had no skin, coat or anal gland issues to speak of. We have him on Instinct grain free, you can find it at Petco, and some independent pet stores, however, Petsmart does not carry it. Some dogs don't like switching "cold turkey" so you may want to cut the new food with the old, gradually scaling back on the old until you're feeding exclusively the new.  Good luck.