Food and Tear Stains

I'm giving my dog Wellness Simple, grain free but, it seems it is noT agreeing with her. Her tear stains are HORRIBLE and her folds are bad too. Thought it was a good food. Poor thing, can't seem to find anything that agrees with her! She was GREAT on the Blue Buffalo Basics with just a bit of the Freshpet soft. Never a tear stain and I barely needed to clean her folds! I took her off because she was throwing up, but, starting to think the throwing up may not have been related to the food, but the elongated palate...which I want to have checked in the next couple of weeks...

Is Blue Buffalo good food??? Your thoughts??? THANKS!!!!

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The throwing up could definitely be from...

elongated palate.  Chester had the same thing and throwing up food and foam was his only symptom.  We feed grain free Natural Balance duck potato.  I've heard of other using Blue Buffalo, as long as it's grain free, it should be fine.  My guys have always had problems with Wellness for some reason.  Do you use filtered water?  This can help eliminate tear stains.  We use a Britta pitcher and just keep filling it up.  I can always tell when it's time to change the filter, because Newman will start getting redness where his tear stains would be.  

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Yes, Blue Buffalo

is one of the better kibbles on the market. If she was doing well on it I would go back to what was working. Palate can definitely be the throwing up problem...or eating too fast...or not keeping her quiet for 20 minutes after she eats....or drinking lots of water after she eats. Could be a number of issues but you do want to rule out any medical issues first. Do you feed 2x a day? you might try 3x with smaller meals (if you can).

You said Wellness Simple but what protein source are you feeding? That could be a problem as well.

Thank you!

I have her on Wellness Simple, Turkey & Potato. She was good on Blue Buffalo but was throwing up...she still throws up once in awhile. I'm thinking it wasn't the food at all...think it is just the drinking and eating too fast. Usually after she drinks a lot, she throws up. When she drinks, I will take her dish away from her to slow her down. We don't have money for surgery right now but, I want to know if it's a palate problem... will save up for surgery. She's my baby and will find a way to make life better for her. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE her!