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Flea and Tick treatment recommendations

I'm currently using Frontline with good results. Is there a pill on the market yet for this?



We use . "Revolution For Dogs"

This is a topical  Flea and Tick, and its a Heartwormer all in one


"Revolution is a topical liquid medication. Revolution is effective in preventing heartworm disease, killing fleas, treating and controlling ear mites and sarcoptic mites and controlling American dog tick infestations."


Last steps taken May 26, 2014 -- Been rolling along ever since . . . . 

No pill for ticks..but fleas & internal parasites yes...

I use Trifexis on both my dogs (Farley and Ida Mae our Boxer) it replaced Sentinel in our house and the clinic I work for.  While they both do roundworm, whipworm, hookworm, and heartworm Sentinel is "birth control" for fleas where Trifexis actually kills fleas.  Downside..neither prevent  or repel mosquitos or ticks so when we travel into places with a high concentration of either we use Frontline Plus as a back up. 

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Trifexis Question

We were just given Trifexis for our boys.  Rocco was throwing up about the same time for the past three months.  The only thing that we was getting around those times was Heartguard, so our vet is having us try Trifexis.  Have you had any issues with the Trifexis?


No, not any issues

But with any medication there could be stomach upset, we recommend that it be given with a meal to curb that.  My fur kids have not had any issues with vomiting. 

Frontline is good.

It's good that you too use frontline. I have been using it on my bulldog since 2 years now, and I have not felt the need to look for anything else as my dog is free from the fleas.