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First Time Owner, First Vaccine

We are heading in hour to the vet. It's Bacon's 3rd vaccine but first for us. The previous once were given by the breeder. Any watch outs after the vaccine? I wanna make sure he is comfy and I wanna be prepared for any side-effects (which I have no experience). Also vet will deworm him same time after the vaccine. 

We also found some small scaly patches on his skin around 4-5 small patches. Size of a pellet. Vet days must be fungal. What tests can you recommend?

Thanking you in advance if you have insights for us. 


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I would recommend holding off on the ...

rabies vaccine until he's about 8 months old.  They like to give it at 4 months, but with the stress of teething and rehoming, it can lower the immune system and they can get demodex (mange) which is curable but a pain.  My first guy had it, but we held off on the others and they were fine.  Usually with vaccines our guys might get tired, but that was about it.  If they were to have a bad reaction, it would happen in the first few minutes.  The scaly spots could be a staph infection, did your vet do a skin scraping to see what it was?  Good luck with him, there is nothing like a bulldog puppy!

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Thanks Kathy

The vaccine went well. It's only a nobivac lepto and novibac DHPPi. They want the rabies vaccine on his 12th month.

The vets told us that the spots on the skin are actually fungi and bacterial infection and quite common for pups. They didn't say if it's staph. And that they are already drying up and will outgrown it. They told us to use betadine on the infected skin first and asked us to come back after 3 days. They don't want to treat it now because of the recent vaccine and it's his second week of deworming.

We are very excited. Before his first deworming he only weighed 3.5 kilos, after a week, he is now 4.9 kilos! We can't wait to see him get bigger!


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I agree with Kathy

I wish I'd have had this info early on. Kofi did get demodex after her vaccines at four months.


Kofi and Carol


Totally agree

Fred got demodex after the rabies shot - we didn't get the shot for Ethel until she was about 8 months old - so far so good....

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It's been a month!

Just an update, we have finished his 5-in-1 shots. Bacon is now 4 months old. Some hot spots issues but they are drying up already. This weekend will get the anti-rabies shot. He's been doing well also in potty training. There are some misses but he's learning. :) 

Thanks for all your insights.

Just need to know how we can ship Gold Bond powder here in Manila. Haha



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