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Feet licking/biting and pet insurance

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I just adopted 4 months ago my very first English Bulldog from a rescue Abby (to me baby girl). She’s had a really rough life so far and I want to do the best I can by her.

Ever since I received Abby we've had trouble with her skin. I've been to the vet several times now and I think we are finally on the right track. We first found out she had food allergies and also chemical allergies (soap/shampoo). She is now on vet prescribed food and an all-natural shampoo. That helped reduce the itching.

However, since she was itching so much she had open cuts that turned into hot spots. They seem to be clearing up other than her feet. She keeps biting/licking her pads and they are red. Today is the last day on her medication. Does anyone have any advice as to what I can put on her pads?

I know bulldogs can have medical problems and I thought it would be a good idea to get pet insurance. Any recommendations? I've heard good and bad so I'm not sure if its beneficial for me.

Thanks for your help!

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Did your vet recommend any antihistamines?

That will help with itching and can be used long term.  We use Benedryl (2 25 mg tablets for 50 pound or more dog).  You can use pretty much any brand as long as it does NOT have a D (for decongestant), they are bad for dogs.  Sometimes vets recommend rx food which really isn't very nutritious.  I would use a good quality grain free food, maybe salmon based for good skin and less itching.  There are a lot of brands out there, look for one that has about 25% protein.  California Natural, Taste of the Wild, even Natural Balance are good.  And remember it takes 6 weeks to see a difference on a new food.    Good luck with your girl!

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Yes, I was doing that when we

Yes, I was doing that when we first got her. The vet doesn't think its health for the dog to always be on it. However, the medication we put her on worked really well. She isn't itching and her coat is healing. Right now she is on royal canine hypoallergenic food that seems to be working. She's been eating that for 3 1/2 months now so I think its good. She was on the science diet. The only real problem now is her paws. She is still licking and biting them. The vet said its one of the harder area's to heal because its farthest from the heart. Thanks for the info!

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Foot licking

is a sign of allergies.  Science Diet is horrible food and I don't like Royal K-9 any better.  I agree with the vet about Benadryl.  It is not good for a dog to be taking a pill that seems everyone recommends.  Best to find out what the problem is.  I have yet in 16 years had to have a bulldog I pumped Benadryl into.  If it comes right down to it get her allergy tested.  It could be food or outdoor environment allergy issues and you amy deal with it forever.  The medication is likely a short term fix.  http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/royal-canin-veterinary-diets-hypoallergenic-selected-protein-dry/

I wouldn't make any food changes until 4-6 weeks after she has stopped the meds to see if she gets worse after the meds are out of her system.

You might try an antifungal wipe on her feet after she comes in from outside.

Sniff her paws... it could be yeast -

If her Paws give off an odor of 'Corn Chips' its likely yeast -    1 - 1 - 2 solution will help for paw dunking :)

1 part Hydrogen Peroxide

1 part Apple Cider Vinegar

2-3 parts warm water

Dunk each foot... massage the paw, making sure the solution gets throughout --  you might have to 'pickle her paws'  2 or 3 times a day for the first few days to kill off the Yeast Colony -   then just as needed -  make sure you wash all of her bedding -

Yeast like warm moist areas to grow....  Paws are perfect.


Last steps taken May 26, 2014 -- Been rolling along ever since . . . . 

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Thanks Everyone

I'm going to try the mix today on her paws. I also think she has it between her nipples in the back. She's been itching it like crazy and now broke skin. Its killing me seeing her this way. I did wipe it off the last few days and put corn starch on it to keep it dry. I've also been giving her allergy medication. Poor thing. She itched the one spot and now she has a lump in her leg. Has anyone ever heard of that happening before?

Pet Insurance

You definitely should consider pet insurance; though none cover preexisting conditions; you'll have to check with each specific one to see if this is considered preexisting now. Many also have exclusions for breed-specific problems, or congenital diseases. You might want to look into discount programs, where you get a flat discount at the vet, as opposed to "coverage", etc. Two I know of are United Pet Care and Pet Assure. Personally I use Pet Assure, in addition to pet insurance that I have.

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Pet Insurance

Got my girl at 6 months as a rescue and she had cherry eye. We had to pay out of pocket for that and no insurance will cover pre existing conditions. But we did alot of research and we are with trupanion. Have used it a few times since and it has come through great. Unlike most pet insurances that have limits per year...ex: your dog can only break his leg twice in one year or you can only use 2000 a year on ear infections. Trupanion has a certin limit per year but can be used on anything, and your payments dont go up because your dog gets sick. ALSO... they cover hip displasia (as long as shes signed up before shes a year) and thats a biggie, they cover accidents and any problems that arent pre existing. The also just sent me an email saying they are now covering prescription foods and some natural path remidies. They dont cover routin visits or vaccinations... but to me they certinely outweigh the competition. http://trupanion.com/ppc/petinsurance?gclid=COSzhtKO8LECFYg7MgodZz0ApQ  I would suggest taking a look at them