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Looking for info on feeding my puppy raw & loose joints..

Thank You and God Bless!!!


Thank you and God Bless!!!

Cecilia & George

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I don't know about feeding raw, but...

As far as loose joints, Bulldogs are particularly prone to this as puppies. My girl was put on 1000mg of glucosamine daily at the age of 12 weeks, and she has never had an issue. They grow out of it a lot of times, it takes these guys a little while to grow into their big bodies. About a year usually, then you wil have less issue with loose joints and hips. Do not allow a veterinarian to talk you into any surgery, it is only called for in extreme cases, and like I said, most bullies grow out of the problem. 

You will get more answers if you ask a full question...what about feeding raw did you want to know?


Amy and Sophia

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Loose Joints

The breed is loose jointed. As taken from the breed standard: < The style and carriage are peculiar, his gait being a loose-jointed, shuffling, sidewise motion, giving the characteristic "roll." The action must, however, be unrestrained, free and vigorous.>>

That does not mean to the degree of incorrect confirmation.

What is this puppy demonstrating that makes it seem loose jointed? Did the vet say the puppy was loose jointed?

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Raw Feeding

I answered on the main forum, but I feed raw. Did you have specific questions?