Favorite grain free/sensitve stomach/simple diet dog food


Have my girl on Wellness Simple/grain free and her tear stain are horrible!!!! Any recommendations of favorite foods??? THANKS!

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We use Natural Balance duck potato...

also, filtered water helps a lot with tear stains.  We have a Britta pitcher and use that for our guys water.

Thank you Kathy Ollie!!!!

I have used filtered water from the day he came home! Her eyes are always running!!! She was BEST on Blue Buffalo, grain free, simple diet. I took her off cause she was throwing up but I don't think it was related to the food. In your opinion, is that a good food? For my last bulldog, Bella <3, she was always on the Wellness and it worked, but, doesn't seem to work for our Lily girl... Thanks for your opinion!


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I've never used Blue Buffalo but...

I've heard good things about it.  As long as it's grain free it should be fine.  If she was doing good on it, I would give it another chance.

We us Natures Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Grain-Free

Rabbit.  We have had good luck.  Sometimes it is trial and error.  What works on one is terrible for another.