Farting... oh.. THIS is bad

So admittedly their farting (they are 8 and 7 year old bullies now) has been funny, generally. In the last year however it has gotten out of control. We have them on a gluten free, diet (organic natures wild). They've been on it for almost 10 years without issue. But now their farting has gotten really raunchy... when kennel them down the hall in the bathroom when we leave and when we come home, the whole house smells like farts, when we pass the bathroom... even if the door is closed it smells like farts. We aren't sure what to do... what has helped for everyone else with the excess farting and smell?

Whats working for everyone else?

I went through the same thing

with my last bulldog... we actually took him to the vet for it twice... they gave him a shot for it both times and it worked out... I used to give him gas ex or something like that.. I used to swear my kids were sneaking him some re-fried beans on the side... Good luck. My brother suggested hanging one of those little tree air-fresheners from his tail

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What is the

percent protein in the food that you are feeding them? They are older now and can't process the protein like to used to when they were younger. I realize they have been eating the same food for years, but you may need to switch to a lower protein food. Good Luck



Talk to a Vet but I was told that yogurt can make them less gassy.  I have no idea if it actually works or what kind of yogurt but it sounds like it couldn't hurt.  Good luck