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Excessive drooling

Hi Everyone! My girl has been excessively droooling since last night. Shes not really a drooler.

0ther than the drooling she seems fine, she has an appetite and shes going to the bathroom normally, shes still playful and slept likr a baby last night. Shes just been dripping drool like crazy! Im a little worried! Anyone have any idea what it could be? 

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It can mean she is having some pain....or could also be a tummy ache. Did she eat something different that could have upset her.

I wouldn't worry too much as long as she is eating, drinking and acting normal otherwise and not vomiting. But watch her and you might take her temp just to make sure that is not elevated.

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Also, check her mouth and gums...

to see if anything is stuck in there.  Chester used to be a horrible drooler, it would just drip out of his mouth like a faucet.  We figured it was probably pain since he had a bad back and he's been on a low dose of meloxicam forever, or nausea from the meds.  We did have his palate trimmed a while ago, and that helped.  He hasn't had a bad attack since, but he still drools a lot.  The vet did say that excessive drooling is either pain or nausea or something stuck in the mouth.

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Mr. Higgins does this

I find it very concerning. In winter whenever he takes a few mouthfuls of snow he comes in and drools a lot. I used to throw snowballs for him and could never figure out why he drooled afterward. I looked in his mouth one day after being out in the snow and his lower gums at the front were bright red. I think he froze his gums holding snow/snowballs in his mouth. Now I cannot play with him in he snow, which he loves.
He has drooled other times after surgery and the vet and I have determined it is pain.
I have taken videos of these drooling episodes for the vet to see, which is very helpful. I often give him a painkiller (tramadol) when he drools excessively for a long period of time. He can actually make a big puddle beneath where he is sitting. So, for my bully it is pain.


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Non-stop Drooling

My bulldog drools excessively at times and there doesn't seem to be a pattern as to when she does it, I've kept a food/exercise/play diary for a year.  The vet first checked her mouth and found she had no dental issues and then told me it would be trial and error to figure out what was causing the drooling (and sometimes excessive licking of her lips preceeds the drooling or goes along with it).   He thought it may be caused by too much acid being produced in her belly at times.  He recommended we try Pepcid AC when it happens and so far it seems to be working, it usually stops the drooling within half an hour.  I would speak with your vet before giving your pup any medications but this has worked for us (thankfully)!!  Best of luck in figuring it out! :)

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Medication for drooling

The tramadol is prescribed by my vet for excessive drooling. If he is drooling for a shorter time, I do not give it. Just for the really long periods of drooling. I have taken videos many times for the vet to see and he agrees it is pain.


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I have experienced this exact problem with my 5 year old Fiona.

We went to the Vets and they examined her mouth extensively and found nothing. He said as long as she is stil eating, not throwing up and is active he sees nothing wrong.  She also leaves big puddles and soaks everything she lays next to. I can tell she does not like it when it happens and this has been happening on an off for the past 3 years.  



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Sampson has always done this at times

Sam does this, but not usually for days, but hours. It just drips and soaks everything.