Enlarged Spleen

Today we took our 10 yr old Maggie for her senior citizen check up to Dr. Shaw.  Took an xray and did blood work up because belly was swollen.  Her spleen was 3x the normal size.  Going back on Monday to get ultrasound.  Could be a tumor....If it has not spread to liver he could do surgery and remove spleen.  Has anyone had experience with this?  thanks.


We took Maggie to vet today for ultrasound. She was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma. One option is a 16 week chemotherapy...has anyone else gone through this?  Did cancer go into remission?  We are still in a state of shock. 

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We did chemo for our boy Oscar...

he had lymphoma.  Chemo isn't as hard on dogs as people, it is expensive though.  He lived for 8 months after his diagnosis, most of the time he felt pretty good, a few bouts of vomiting in between.  He was only 5 at diagnosis, so we felt we had to give him whatever time we could.  If you want to email me privately, my address is [email protected].