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I like to feed hard boil eggs and keep them in a covered bowl in the fridge and give one a day to each dog.  I just cut them in half and toss to each dog as it is less mess.  With no studies on raw vs dogfood, or raw vs cooked, I guess it's up to me to decide if the eggs are as good for them as raw.  This way they do eat all the egg, and don't make a mess or rub it in the dirt [rascals] and make me pull my hair out. 


Mean people still suck

I give Kofi one

about three or four times a week. I just break it into her bowl on top of her no bone in meal and mix it into her food, shell and all. I understand the shell contains the protein.

It is a bit messy but so is weighing out her portion of raw meat.

Hugs to your guys!


Kofi and Carol


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Eggs and Shells

Mine don't like the shells and make a real mess with them, so unless I grind them up good and mix in with their meat I don't feed the shells.  I feed eggs raw over their dinner in their stainless dishes. They only thing I give them out in the yard is raw meaty bones (right now venison bones) and their fishsicles (Sardines).