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My girl is now 2 years old and she has developed a rash behind one of her ears under the fur. It doesnt smell and isnt crusty just red patches. The inside of he ears appear clean and dont seem to bother her but the outside back crease always serms to itch her. Ive been using polysporin but am not really sure what it could be. We have had our share of medical problems (flank alopecia, cherry eye) and would like to know opinions before i rush her to a vet. It seems to only be one ear. I have a hydrocortisone cream for myself at home, would that hurt to try? 

You could try

Cleaning it with brown (original)listerine on a cotton ball with a light schmear of cortisone cream to see if it helps. The listerine will take care of any bacterial issues that may be present before you put the cortisone on. If it gets wordse, or you don't see improvement in a few days, I would pack her off to the vet.