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Ear Infection and strange noise

Our girl has bilateral ear infections. When I medicate her ears, she makes a weird howling sound and salivates. I have to rub the medication into her ear.  She doesn't pull away or act like I'm hurting her. She's had an ear infection in the past with the same treatment program as this time. She never made a noise or salivated during the care. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their bully?


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She's telling you it hurts

Yes, with a bad ear infection I've had dogs whine. Never really salivate, but that can be a sign of pain.

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Thanks for your response. This is Porkchop's third ear infection in 2 months. The vet said her ear canals are swollen closed but didn't want to order steroids to help open the canals until he gets back the results of the culture and sensitivity and cytology specimans he did. He feels she has a combination of yeast and bacteria. He felt the yeast would remain in the outer ear and less of a chance traveling into the inner since the canals were closed.

She and our male have done very well on Purina One Lamb and Rice for years. I have read about possble allergies to food so I switched her to TOW roasted lamb. Now I'm wondering if she is allergic to the lamb???



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