Ear buid-up ---yeast infection?

My bully has constant ear buildup that is brownish yellow w a sour smell...is that yeast?  I've heard that changing his protein source could help but I am reluctant because he does so well on it.  Skin looks good, NO gas, stool is consistent.

I feed him Flint River Fish and Potato kibble.  They also offer probiotics.   Does anyone have experience with probiotics?  Are probiotics for dogs different than probiotics for people?

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Our two brown guys get this and...

white Ollie doesn't.  We feed grain free and filtered water, so I'm not sure where it's coming from.  We use epi otic ear wash (or zymox or any of them will do) and clean their ears twice a week.  We squirt a little in, rub it to squish it around and then let them shake their heads to get it out.  I also put some on a cotton cosmetic pad and get the external wax off.  Our vet used some kind of medicine on Chester's last time he was in and it lasted for 2 weeks, soothed a lot of his itching.  I can't remember what it was called though.

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It could be the treats you are feeding him

If you think it is yeast, try and not feed him any treats that contain wheat. Probiotics are excellent for dogs. I give mine the human kind by a company called Food Science of Vermont Mega Probiotic. I order it online from Amazon.com. Cleaning his ears every day with Zymox for a week may help too. Good Luck!