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Doyle Update

So Doyle has been doing better dealing with his CHF after he started eating again. Now my vet asked if I wanted to start him on Vetmedin along with his other meds. It's expensive. From the vet it's $5 a day, and online pharmacy maybe $4 or just under.

It's been fabulous. He's been on it a week and I can see a change in energy and he greets me after work all wiggly like he used to.

I know his heart is not going to heal itself, but this drug, for Doyle, appears to be awesome helping him.

That's good news....

The 50 count bottle of 5 mg. are $51.90 at www.allvet.com and depending on Doyle's size and dosage should be around $1.50 per day.  There may be somewhere else that has it for less, but that's on first page of search.  Good luck!

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He takes 2 1/2 tabs a day. I went with Fosters and Smith at 1.19 a tab. The link you provide indicates the domain allvet is now for sale.


.....sorry -- should have been www.allivet.com

F&S is not costing that much more than allivet, and I saw that there are many others at $52 a bottle also with free shipping.  Glad you found it a lot less costly than from the vet.   (Vets have costs to add on to providing meds and if you need something in a hurry or have difficulty finding might have no choice.  When you expect to use large quantity and/or for long period of time, it sure does pay to shop around).

Good luck and all good wishes!

That is great news

glad the meds are helping him to feel better.

Give the patient a hug from me and thanks for keeping us updated.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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Good News

Glad to hear Doyle is getting a little more energy and you found something that helps.


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We had a poodle with CHF

We used enalpril and lasix for several years and then added Vermedin when it came out. We also saw a change when we started the Vetmedin, just wish it had been available sooner. She lived several years with CHF before we had to help her pass at 15. 

Glad Doyle is well!

So glad to hear

that Doyle is getting a reprieve!

That's wonderful news!

Hugs and globbers from Kofi and me.


Kofi and Carol


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High 5 for Doyle and You!

That is wonderful news and I am so happy for both of you.  I hope Doyle continues to do better and that you have lots more time to spend together.


Monica, Maude and Gus

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That is some good bit of news:-)

I certainly hope the best for your boy. Many prayers for Doyle...


Amy and Sophia

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Aww.....that is good news!! ((( hugs ))) to Doyle!! NM



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