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Doyle Update

As we are dealing with CHF, Doyle isn't retaining too much fluid as I feared, but is not eating much. 

He hasn't touched his normal kibble in two weeks, so I've had to cook ground turkey, hamburger, chicken, eggs etc. along with some raw food patties and there are these chubs from Whole Foods that he's eaten a bit from. It plays havoc on his poops, but at least it's something??

He turned his head at fresh cooked ground turkey yesterday and it broke my heart. But this morning he ate some. Not a lot but enough to get him his meds and then a bit more. 

Any thoughts on getting him to eat?

I realize there will most likely be a decision for me to make. I just hope that there is a window between a somewhat enjoyable life and misery that I will see. But for today, it's beautiful and cool. We went for a car ride and he enjoyed the wind and scenery.

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When Oscar was on chemo and...

Lost his appetite we used NutriCal  It comes in a tube like toothpaste and it's full of nutrients and calories and it stimulates appetite.  I believe pet o has it and maybe petsmart.  Sending good thoughts for your boy. This is the hard part. 

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THat should say petco...

My smartphone isnt as smart as it thinks it is.  

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Try anything

When Winnie was starting to refuse to eat due to her cancer we went through different types of wet food.  She would eat some and then refuse, so we would just keep trying other foods.  I think I read that chicken broth would get dogs to eat.  Have to talked with the vet about an appetite supplement.  I think our vet told us about that, but by the time Winnie absolutely stopped eating at night she passed the next morning.  My thoughts are with you and sending good vibes for Doyle to find some food he likes.


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awww......I wish I could just hug Doyle!!! I don't know

anything about this kind of eating problem, but I hope he'll start eating a bit more, soon!   I know it must be very, very hard

to watch this, as you said---breaking your heart.  Meaty and Sophie and I are sending HUGS and prayers to sweet Doyle!!!  


Our three JOYS !!!  

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Oh Tim,

I am so sorry to hear that Doyle is having trouble eating. I know how helpless you must feel. I hope you will be able to find something that perks his eating habits up. 

Please keep us informed on his progress. You both are much loved here. I know others are also equally concerned. We hate to see our bullies suffer.

It's just Kofi and me also....

I'm sending a heartful of love and good wishes to the both of you.


Kofi and Carol


Try anything that is sodium free

I've been through this stage with so many dogs, nutrition becomes secondary. I just wanted them to eat anything that they enjoyed. The foods they once loved became repulsive to them, so like you, I started to cook turkey, chicken, chicken livers, spaghetti, stew and the list goes on.

Tim, I'm sorry that you and Doyle are going through this. Hang in there, he needs you to be his best buddy.

Hugs to the patient


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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positive thoughts and prayers

positive thoughts and prayers for the cutie pie...(((hugs)))

smoochies the scrunchy face

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His taste seems to change daily it seems. Yesterday he ate some raw chicken formula food that I hand fed, but today he didn't want any. I hard boiled some eggs and yesterday he wouldn't eat any but today they were delicious. Chicken breast was good yesterday but not today etc. etc. Yikes...I have so much food cooked from trying everything my fridge is full!!

The other thing I have to watch is he ate some chicken the other day but threw it up a bit later, so when I actually find something he will eat I need to give it to him in moderate doses.

Thanks all for your input and your thoughts. I really appreciate it.