Dooley has been diagnosed with demodex...

The vet showed me the mite under the scope.  She saw 3, and they are located under his chin.  I knew there were more then 1 treatment tha t could be used.  Unfortunately,  I did not know what is better.  The vet gave me the mitiban dip...after reading I am terrified to do the dip on Dooley.  Has anybody on here used the dip or have most used ivermectin?


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Our first boy had the dips but...

the vet did them at his office.  A lot of people use Ivermectin with great success.  You also need to boost his immune system with supplements, i.e., one vettab multi vitamin, one vit E, one 25 mg zinc and 500 mg ester C.   

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Hi Kathy,

My little Lilo also has demodex mites.  Are the vitamin E, zinc and ester C regular vitamins that you or I would take, or special canine versions?  Also, what doseage of the vitamin E do you use? Lilo is one and about 44 pounds.

Thank you!

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All the supplments we used were human grade...

I believe the vit E was 200 ie?  It was the small capsule and I gave it once a day.

Thank You...

He does get seameal, but I will be adding the others to boost his immune system.