Dooley had to go to the vet last night...Swollen eye

Poor guys face got a little red and then his left eye swelled shut.  Assuming it was a bug bite, but still not sure.  He had not been outside and no new changes in the house.  I gave him benadryl and the vet gave him an injection of benadry.  Still swollen this morning but not as bad.  Scary stuff when you don't know what it was.Dooleys swollen eye


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Been there with Rebel

I feel your pain.  Rebel will be 10 years old in May and we've been there many times. It is scary because you just don't know. Rebel rang in 2013 at the Vet ED anaphylatic shock...We even have an epi pen at home.  With just an eye, sometimes Rebel would only need benadryl, but sometimes he needed a couple of days of steroids.  Not sure how old Dooley is, and I hope nothing like this happens again; if it does you will become a dog allergy expert and learn to manage a lot at home.  Hope Dooley feels better soon!

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ay poor sweetie hope he feels

ay poor sweetie hope he feels better!
smoochies the scrunchy face

All of the swelling is gone...took 2 days.

Still wish I knew what caused it.


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If it becomes a more than

If it becomes a more than once, you can always consider allergy testing. A RAST panel will detect environmental and food allergies, some insects. It is not 100%, but Rebel had a lot of issues and it helped us rule out food and focus in on environmental changes that frantically improved his quality of life. It is a blood test and cost us around $200.

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Maybe a bug bite

Ester got a bite once and it caused her to get real sick with a major red rash, hives and a fever.  Her tummy was so hot.  A shot of Benadryl and then pills over the next 10 days and I'm, pretty sure an antibiotic cleared her up, but I also never knew what the heck she got into.  It can be frustrating sometimes.  

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Poor, sweet Dooley!! SO happy he's okay!!! **advice!!**

We have had 2 incidences like this with Meaty, and it is SO scary!!!  (we also had NO idea what caused it both times).  The second time,  I gave him two 25 mg. Benadryl just like the time before, but as his face swelled more, it was also starting to affect his breathing, so we knew it was time to RUSH to the vet. 

Both times, he had a Dexamethasone injection and recovered without problems, thank the Good Lord! .  I kinda hate telling people this **advice**, BUT, it could save your baby(ies).   Our very bully-knowledgeable vet told me one of their bullies died within MINUTES of getting stung by a centipede....  :-(..


 I don't know if this is more of a problem JUST with bulldogs or not, but I *think* it is because the vet offered me what they call a "bulldog

rescue kit" which included a syringe with a dose Dexamethasone (capped/secured needle, of course) and bunch of Benadryls.   Some people

carry an epi-pen with them for their doggies, too.  They also made sure we knew exactly where and HOW to give the injection if needed.  You may

wanna ask your vet.....((( hugs ))) to sweet Dooley!!! 


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