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Dog Food Question ???

Chester has been eating Taste of the Wild since he was 8 months old. He loved his food but lately he doesn't want to eat it anymore. What can I do????

Chester's Mom

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You could try putting a spoonful of...

plain yogurt and mixing it in.  Or maybe some cooked green beans.  But be aware that once you start adding things, they will never eat it plain again lol.

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I did it!!!

You are right I did put strawberries and bluberries and now he leaves the plain dog food. Do you think is time to change his food??????

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Onslow got bored of the TOTW fish flavor after awhile

so I did switch him to TOTW Bison and Venison.  Its ok to go back and forth between flavors as long as your dog isn't allergic. 


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Switch up the protein source

As long as he does well on this brand of food I'd switch up the protein sources.  Many foods now days are made to rotate protein sources. 

While I feed raw, my dogs get  a large variety of protein sources.  Which is advised when feeding a raw diet.