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does anyone have any experience with cushings or addisons

i am having Ms Sugar tested tomorrow she is having issues and is not feeling well...



Oh no, not my Sugar

sorry, I don't have any experience with either one. We have had dogs tested for it, but no positives.

Please give Sugar a kiss from me.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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thanks Lynn i sure will....

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let me know. I know owners who have experience with both.


Cathy & Zimmer



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thank you Cathy~~she gets her blood work done tomorrow

and it will take several days to find out...I will let you know



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Our first bulldog Rocky was diagnosed with Cushings

at around 6 years old.  He had always had a very laid back personality so we did not recognize any of the typical symptoms of Cushings until he  developed calcinosis cutis.  In Rocky's case the Cushing's was caused by long term pred use :(


Lonna & Harley


Harley cube

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thanks Lonna~~~~Sugar had been on pred for a long time

we adopted her at 5 yrs of age...thanks for the input...


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No doggie experience with this, but will be praying for my Sug.

Deb, I hope all goes well at the vet today. I have a Cushings horse, she does very well on a low starch/calorie feed. Hope all is well with my Sug. Give her some Auntie Amy hugs and smoochies. And a big hug to you as well.


Amy and Sophia

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no experience but smoochies

no experience but smoochies and hugglies to ms. s

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feel better Sugar

 good luck and blessings


  Joe & the girls