Do cooling pads/blankets really work?

We are avid boaters/campers and plan to take Windsor with us.  We are doing everything we can think of to keep him cool (fans in the boat, cooling collar, prepared to let him rest in the comfort of our air conditioned RV if too hot, etc.)

I was looking at getting a cooling pad for when he is on the boat (yes, he'll have his lifejacket on the whole time - along with his cooling collar).  But what experiences (good and bad) have other bulldog owners had with them?  I read very mixed reviews - and they are NOT cheap.



-Windsor's Mom (a.k.a. Beth)

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We used a cooling pad for Oscar when...

he was on chemo, he would get hot and panting afterward.  It worked well, it would cool for a few hours and then need 'recharging.'  We also got a cooling collar that we put around his neck.  The biggest issue with the cooling pad was getting any of our guys to lay on it.  


our bully liked the cool pad but we got it for him when he was still in a big chewing fase so it didn't last long. Our lastest obsession is called a Kool collar with a "K". It is awsome, we totally rely on it in the summer months. It is a mesh collar that has gel packs we keep in the freezer and insert. He will be panting and after putting the collar on he stops in about 1-2 minutes. when ever we go on road trips or after walks out side in the summer months it is a must. check them out online. I got ours at the local dogwash but im sure you can find them online.