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This week has been heartbreaking. We returned from vacation to find notes from our sitter that Rebel wasn't just quite himself the last two days. He was tired and she had to persuade him to eat. A week full of vet visits and tests later, we found he has a large mass in his abdomen that is most likely malignant. His platelets are very low, which adds some risk to even performing a fine needle biopsy of the mass. It is either in the liver or spleen; they couldn't tell from the ultrasound.

Our first reaction was to do no further testing, as the research we did on either liver or spleen cancers in 10 year old dogs showed extremely poor prognosis even with treatment.

I think we may proceed now with the biopsy and at least a consult with the oncologist. I think I need more information on all the options to be at peace with any decision.

We know we favor quality of life over quantity. That will be my main focus; to be sure my desire for more time with my baby doesn't cloud my judgement. I pray I am able to achieve this clarity.

Rebel will be 10 on the 19th; and I know he has had a good life. I just was hoping for more time with him. We got him one week after we were married and he has watched us grow up. He spent many nights comforting me while I was scared and alone when my husband worked night shift. He has given us so much, I can't really imagine what it will be like without him.

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I'm so sorry..

that is devestating news.  The only thing I can add is that we did have one of our boys on chemo a few years ago, and it's much easier on dogs than it is on people if chemo is an option.  Hoping for the best.

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Thank you. We talked to a

Thank you. We talked to a friend who also had a dog on chemo and that is what really tipped us over to go forward with the biopsy.

Sending Positive Thoughts Your way

just take one day at a time..Sending positive thoughts and love your way!!



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Thanks! We will take all we

Thanks! We will take all we can get.

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Sounds very familiar. About 7

Sounds very familiar. About 7 years ago I had a 9 1/2 year old male that could be inserted into the scenario you are describing. Ultimately, he had a tumor in his belly the size of a grapefruit that was draining the life out of him. He had been a sickly dog over the years, but we cared for him and loved him and he knew it. We consulted with our vet (the only vet he ever had) and agreed it was time to let him go. I feel for you and hope all turns out well. Good Luck!


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I'm so sorry to hear about Rebel

I pray that everything work out for the best for you all, I know how devastating it can be to find out bad news about our little baby's. I just hope their something you can do to help his condition. My thoughts an prayers are with you all at this time.


Cory & Penelope

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(((hugs))),whatever decision

(((hugs))),whatever decision you make i''m sure it will be w/peace of mind and comfort to your hearts...and he'll always know that.

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We met with the oncologist

We met with the oncologist today and Rebel had a fine needle aspiration. She felt a biopsy was too risky. We will know more when that comes back, hopefully in a day or two.

He has really perked up this week and is eating like crazy. He was Mr Personality at the oncologist's office, and they all fell in love with him. Who doesn't love a bully?

Thanks to all for your kind words, as only fellow bully owners could understand our heartbreak. I will post an update here when we have results back.

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Thank you, please keep us posted

I hope everything works out for you guys my thoughts an prayers are with you.


Cory & Penelope