So My Fred has a little demodex doing on again... He had a slight case at 4 1/2 months old (3 small spots) - We dicovered Neem Oil, we thought that it worked because it went away and the hair grew back. But he it's back again (he's 10 months now)... using the neem and cococut oil on him... just wondering if anyone has used anything other then a chemical to get rid of these mites... I do not want to get a chemical dip....

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I did the dips

I reluctantly did the toxic dips with my first bulldog, and it worked. When his demodex first appeared and was confirmed the vet gave him some kind of cream to put on the spots. It got worse, I changed vets, (for other reasons, another topic) and the new vet did the dips.
Sorry, I have no knowledge of any non-chemical fix, maybe others do. Good luck, it`s a stubborn thing.


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The problem is...

that demodex is easily curable with the chemicals (dips or Ivermectin) but the longer it goes untreated, the worse it can get.  Once it goes from localized to generalized, it can be extremely harmful to the dog.  Our first bully had it and we used Goodwinol ointment at first and when that didn't get rid of it, we did a couple of dips and he was cured.  We also started giving supplements to boost his immune system - Ester C, Vit E, zinc and a pet tab daily.  

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Feeding Any Supplements

You need to boost his immune system. Are you feeding any supplements? If not I would start him on something. Goodwinol ointment is what some vets will recommend for a mild case (spot or 2). Although I've heard it doesn't really work well.

I have had 1 dog get at and I used the Ivermection (oral) for 6 weeks, cleared it up. We started with avery mild dose to makes sure it didn't make her sick, then gradually increased the dose. I would have to look back as to how many cc's I just can't remember. I was showing her so I needed womething to work quickly and it did.

I would never do the dips because they are so toxic. But it's not like the Ivermection isn't without its toxicity either. Just seemed like the lessor of 2 evils.

Curious if you had the rabies shot given at 4 months with the final booster?


We tried the Goodwinol and it didn't work... I truly don't know if the neem oil was the key to make them go away or he grew out of it... but now they are back...
Can you tell what what supplements to get???
I will check my papers, but I am sure the rabies shot was given... (I have a 3 dogs, so it all blends together after a while) Do you think the Rabies shot has something to do with the mites????

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Rabies shot

given with all those others shots, plus puppy getting new home, new food, all very stressful and it taxes the immune system. I never give rabies shot until after 6 months and prefer closer to 1 year.

Are you sure it's demodex and not staph. They can appear very similar. Have you had a scraping done?

Easy supplements you can pickup at a PetsMart are something like Missing Link, Sea Meal, Pet Tabs. I don't do anything myself other then salmon oil and joint stuff. MacKenzie gets GLM (Green Lipped Mussel).

If it is very mild and you boost his immune system he can ward them off without chemicals. Just watch him closely and if you don't see improvement in 6-8 weeks and he gets more patches and the hair is pulling out very easily then you have to do something more drastic.

Ivermectin orally was very easy and something you can do yourself at home. You just squirt it in the mouth from a syringe.

Thank you

Yes we had it scrapped and they are mites... My vet told me about the Ivermectin and that is the only one that I am willing to try with him... He had the mites before we got a new puppy (his sister) there was NO stress before she came into the house... Now that she's here, that's another story!! LOL... Thanks for your help, I will look into the salmon oil (do you think I should give them to the puppy too!) she's 5 months old now...

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Has the puppy gotten a rabies shot yet?

If not, hold off for a few months.  When our guy had demodex we gave him Ester C, zinc, vit E and a pet tab every day for his immune system. This is what a well known breeder recommended (Helen D'Amicus).   If you give fish oil of any kind, start with a small dose and work up slowly as it can cause loose stools if they get too much at once.  

My blood is boiling!

I get so annoyed everytime I read about the vets giving the rabies vaccine to such young puppies and even worse, it's given with other vaccines!   I now have it in my puppy contract that the rabies vaccine is not to be given before 6 months of age, and what do you think--some of them just can't wait to stick vaccines into these little puppies.

When it comes to vaccine reactions, vets don't consider it a reaction to the vaccine unless it happens immediately or shortly after the vaccine is given.  But damage to the immune system can come months and years later.   Maybe this is just more frequent with Bulldogs, but we hear over and over how puppies come down with Demodex when they've been given the vaccine at 4 months and also with other vaccines.  One of my sold puppies got Demodex last year (first puppy of mine that I know of to get it) and, yes, he received the rabies with other boosters at 4 months of age!!  I was very clear and gave a schedule of vaccines along with feeding schedule and other now it's in the contract but obviously that's not enough.  

I just found out about one of my current puppies getting a Lyme vaccine at 10 weeks of age--getting booster today at 12 weeks!   How do these vets think?  (My contract does state that no other vaccines are to be given--part of contract is the attached vaccine protocol from Dr. Dodds with exception that rabies is to be given after 6 months.)  The buyer gave the contract and protocol to vet who had it photocopied for his file.  I can't do anything about that now.  But reminded him about the boosters for distemper and parvo and to give the rabies after 6 months.  I can only hope he listens.

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Frustrating isn't it Micki

I personally feel so much of our long term health issues with dogs and cancers and stuff comes from over vacination. But it is a goldmine for vets. We who have purchased vaccines and given shot ourselves know the markup. It is ridiculous + my vet charges an office visit of something around $60 bucks now.

Vet visit for vaccines....

Deb, I agree with you on the long term health issues from over vaccination. Unfortunately, I believe one of my boys (who died 9 years ago at age 7) and his grandson, who is now going on age 7, have been victims of vaccinosis.     Vets do make a lot of money on the vaccines--that's the reason they got out of hand with requiring so many.  

My vet charges $68 (reduced "breeders rate") or regularly $72 here in southern NY, and though I feel that's high--I don't begrudge them their fees, but hate the mark-ups of 2-1/2 to 10 times on the drugs and items they prescribe. 

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We went through this...

.... with Tucker. The Ivermectin worked and we never had to move on to anything more, cleared it right up. The only thing that I noticed is that when on the full dose it made Tucker drool more. He wasn't a drooler before the Ivermectin. Our vet said not to be concerned about it.

After the scraping was done our vet showed us the slide with the demodex on it and then showed me in a text book what it could be like and that scared the pants off me. I understand it can be very bad if not treated immediately. Good luck :)


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Thanks Everyone!!!! I am going to buy some supplements this weekend....

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My girl also got this after the rabies vaccine...

Which was given to her around 4 months I think. At her 1 year check-up, I asked the vet to space out the booster vaccines so she only got one done then I brought her back a few weeks later for the other.  For the mange, she was on Ivermectin for about 6 weeks I think. Good luck! It is annoying but will be okay. 



My rescue will use Revolution if the demo is just starting or small patches. It is a chemical, but better then most insect repellants. 

Ivermectin was just used on a frenchie that came in with really bad Demo (no hair, pink skin and covered in mites) and she had a terrible reaction to it. Went into distress, lost control of her mobility and went blind. Had to be rushed to the ER, where she came out of it the next day. She is currently just being treated with scrub baths and calm coat daily. They say it's a genetic defect that can cause this reaction, so you have to be very careful and watchful if they are dipped.


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