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crusty bumps on my bulldog's back :(

OK, so we've been back and forth to the vet, even changed vets, for close to a year now.  Boss Man (our 2 yr old, solid white EB) has these crusty, zit like, bumps down his back that are sooo sensitive to the touch.  It also creates a dandruff like flcky skin around the bumps!  We've been on antibiotics i dont know how many times/kinds of antibiotics, have tried medicated shampoo, the only thing that seems to supress the bumps is Prednisone.  Once, we're off Prednisone of a week or so, the bumps come back, and come back WORSE! :(  The vet doesn't want to keep him on Prednisone b/c of the long-term side effects.  Our last visit to the Vet, he gave us Ivermectin (liquid; for sarcoptic mange, possibly?!) that we gave him on Tuesday (4/12) and have to give him the second dose next Tuesday (4/19).  I'd be intersted to hear what anyone else in a similar situation has done... when can you see results from Ivermectin?  Is there a cure out there for whatever this might be?!?  I've spent a small fortune trying to figure it out and I don't care what else I need to do to find the cure.... I just want my bubba to get better!!!  THANKS!  PS- I've attached a few pics...


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Did your vet do a skin scraping for mange?

He should be able to see the mites under a microscope.  Hope you get answers, it looks painful.

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We've done skin scrapes 3 times... nothing.  But, I've read and been told that sarcoptic mites sometimes aren't detected.  It is painful for him, he is so tender to the touch on his back... his skin jumps when you touch him. :(


Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.  ~Roger Caras


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similar experience

I've got an old boy that has had reoccurring skin funk that looks similar to what your photo shows. He had had more skin scrapings than I can count, and they always come back negative or inconclusive. He has been on pred, antibiotics, etc. but what has done more for him than ANYTHING ELSE is medicated baths in Maleseb or Chlorhexiderm shampoos. Unfortunately neither of those shampoos are available due to a government compliance problem at the manufactures.

However, there are a few other shampoos on the market that are considered similar or replacements for Maleseb and Chlorhexiderm. KetoChlor is one and another that is readily available (I got a huge bottle at Tractor Supply for about $30) is Main and Tail brand 'Pro-Tect' marketed for horses. Bathe him 2 to 3 times a week in it and do something to boost his immune system too, like give him Probiotics and Vitamin C. Keep his diet and treats as natural as possible too.

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Thanks, RobinandLeo!  This is worth a shot.  We keep him on a pretty strick diet of Wellness Core Original Formula and the only treats he gets are the Gerber Chicken Sticks (vet recommended).  Thanks for the advice! :)


Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.  ~Roger Caras


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I have the same exact issue for the last 2 years now with my boy

It starts in Feb/Mar and goes thru the frost.  My vet has been unable to give me answer and same course of treatment, Antihistamine/Steroids and then they come back again.  She says its seasonal allergies.  I have also switched vets.

Robins suggestion is one thing that has been helping us too.  We have been giving him a bath every other day and putting brown listerine on the bumps on the days in between the baths.  Listerine is antibacterial so if its staph, it will kill it.

I'm still looking for an answer though.  I wish we could figure this out, you and I are not the only ones dealing with this with no answers.  Best of luck.


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goin through the exact same thing with my guys,  all five of them!!!!  Been there done that.  A s you said, pred does work, but I don't want to keep them on this either.  I give them baths with Ketochlor medicated shampoo three times a week, my vet also gave me this spray called Malacetic contioner that I mke arinse with 8 caps/ half gallon of water, add 1 tsp. liquid chlorine bleach and use as a final rinse after bthing do not rinse off.  Towel dry.  Mal a Ket wipes for skin folds  Neosporin cream or ointment apply to skin lesion (pstules, crusts, red lesions nodules) twce daily until healed.  Clean skin lesions with Mal A Ket prior to putting on the neosporin.  Medicated powder apply to moistskin folds as needed, (twice weekly) as an example to keep dry.  Antibacterial powder (eg Gold Bond) miconazole antifungal powder ( Micatin, Zeasorb, other)  Keep skin very dry.  For the itching :  Termaril P (2 mg pred + 5 mg trimeprazine anthistamine)  When sever itching flares,  give the mnimum efffective dose (1 -2 tablets every 12-24 hours) for 1-5 days.  Minimize use of this medication since it can predispose the skin to infections.


Zyrtec- 10mg- 1 tablet every 12 hours to prevent allgeries.


Topical meds:  Dermacoollidocaine spray or sulfodene spray- apply to itchy areas as needed.

I also have them all on Purina HA (hypoallergenic) food, that I get at the vets, and finally the flares are geting better.  They get no treats other than frozen green beans.  And they get 1 cup of the food twice a day.  Every so often, I have to do the corse of pred again, but the zyrtec is very helpful.

All this information I got came from a animal dermatologist clinic  Hope this helps, it's sad for them to be so itchy and red.

  Also one of mine is on Atopica, I can't say that there is anydifference in him other than his skin folds are better and his face is less red.  The others don't seems to have the red fold or face, especially since they are on the HA food.


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Thank you!!!

Thanks for all the info and help LDeLeo!  We're on Zyrtec (but once every 24 hours) and we've got the Mal a Ket wipes and Mal a Ket shampoo (twice a week).  Definately going to look into the conditioner and topical sprays you recommended.  Thanks, again... this site has been very helpful!!!  Hopefully I can report good news soon!!!! :) 


Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.  ~Roger Caras


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My male a few years back....

had skin issues that looked identical to these. They were funky/yeasty and painfule for him. We found that antibiotics only "fueled the fire" in that the yeast problem got worse while on the meds. The chlorhexiderm shampoo helped......but the baths were painful as well. We also gave him plain yogurt which helped with the yeast. Unfortunatley is my guys case, his was something that we dealed with that went away on it's own. We had been to numerous vets and nothing any of them done helped. It just sort of ran it's course and went away. I'm sorry you are going throught this (and anyone else) because I do know what you all are going through! Good Luck :)