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Crusty Bumps

Has anyone had to deal with crusty bumps on there dogs back.  They have just started.  They are a little red and seem sore.  I started to bath her back in epson salts and warm water.  My other bully had mites and I found a recipe on line that really worked.  I don't think this looks anything like he had.  The vet set that other dogs could not get the mites from him.  He is 100% better.   Any help with this would be great.  Thanks


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You should have him checked...

It could be a staph infection and that would need antibiotics to clear up. Our Oliver gets that frequently. 

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Probably Staph

besure the vet actually scraps one of the crusty lesions and checks it to besure what antibiotic is appropriate.   

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I would first atempt either

I would first atempt either apple cider vinegar or listerine. Apply to a cotton ball/gauze pad and dab it generously on the affected area. I have found personally that apple cider vinegar works best for me. See if this helps the issue. If it doesn't improve, see your vet.



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I did take her to the vet

I did take her to the vet yesterday . and she did a scraping of the area.  She did not find anything because the day before I had put on a solution that I found on the internet for mange.  It worked well.  She said to keep using it and if the scabs come back she will give me a percription .  Thanks for everyones advice.