Constant dripping ( like water) from the mouth

Hey there! Anyone ever experience their bulldog having the problem of constant dripping from the mouth? It's like water, NOT slobber. It's usually after a walk (and I think mostly when it's cold outside) and it goes on for about 3-4 hours sometimes. It makes a mess on the floor and he makes sure to wander around the house so he leaves his drippings everywhere! My wife is a clean-freak and this is driving her nuts. Wondering if something's wrong? He needs his walks because of pent-up aggressive fixations on things like the vacuum and the ice maker! Any ideas?

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Drooling can be a sign that your dog is in pain

Check him all over. Mouth, paws, ears etc. A trip to the vet may be a good idea.

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Yes, either pain or nausea can cause drooling...

Chester used to do it a lot and it would go on for an hour or so, soaking everything.  It got better when we got his palate fixed, but he also has a bad back and we think it was pain that caused it.  


Thank you for the feedback. It may be the little stout guy struggles on his walks to the point of nausea. He sure huffs and puffs at times. I'll go easy on his walks. Thanks again!

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Excessive Drooling

My bullie drools excessively when her stomach is upset.  Two things that cause this (as found though much vet consultation and trial and error) is too much acid produced in her stomach, medication fixes this quickly and she will stop drooling within ten minutes. The other source of her drooling is eating snow, nothings stops this except to not allowing her to eat snow...which is tricky as she LOVES it! 

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Mr. Higgins does this occasionally

As others have stated, it is pain or nausea. Vet told me to give Pepcid AC 10mg for nausea however it takes a good 1/2 hour to be effective. It bothers me to see him salivating so profusely. I thought it was only my dog but now I see others posting about it. I wonder if other breeds do it sometimes too.


Thought I'd add my two cents.

Thought I'd add my two cents. My bullie also does this sporadically. His often seems to be related to nausea. I give him GasX and it seems to help a bit. But I've not really found anything that helps completely, other than literally distracting him. Going for a ride, for a walk, soaking his feet in the tub, etc. Doing something they love that helps relieve stress and relax them makes a difference. Oddly, it's like it gets his mind off it. But once the activity is over, it starts again. Only seems to last one evening each time. Seems to be one of those "bulldog things". But tell your Vet if it happens often.