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Chronic tongue darting

Good morning! Please disregard other posting where I was testing video posting. Tuffy has been chronically darting his tongue in and out of his mouth and I'm not sure what this is or why he's doing it. Can it be a tick? Allergies? A neurological issue? He used to do this a few months back and then stopped and now he does it again. He can do it for 10 or 15 minutes at a time. Here is a video. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has any idea of what this is or whether you've seen it in your bullies.




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Things to check

the first things to check would be his tail pocket then his teeth and gums.  Tial pocket of course for infection and/or old growth hairs causing irritation.  Then check his gums and teeth for hair.  They will lick then get hairsin their gums mwhich can cause irritation.

I alos think they maydo this if they are having a tummy ache.  The only reason I say this is MacKenzir has become a big licker and he has constipation troubles. I can't relate it specically to that but just thinkin.

Rule out medical then IMO it is neurlogical.   MacKenzie only seems to do it in the evening and it just started about a year ago, he is 9 now.  Also he started having head shakes a coupe of years ago, so it may all be related.

Norbert was a fly biter and it started when he got older as well, maybe around 8/9 can't remember for sure.  They look like they are snapping at imaginary flys and when he was around 9/10 he had 2 seizure like episodes.  The vet thought he had a brain tumor, which we highly doubt.

I know Tuffy is young, so lets hope it's just an itch he can't scratch.   

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Check those ears, also.

I found a nasty ear infection in Sophie's ear just a couple weeks ago. She had been doing that same fast lick thing, and I checked, then double checked everything I could. Then saw her head tilt just once and realized it was an ear issue. I got it all cleared up and she is fine:-) No more fast licking!


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Also check his nose rope

Dudley will do this whenever he gets anl infection under his nose rope.

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Have you shown the video to your vet?

I do wonder if not anything already suggested, could it be a seizure?


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Appreciate all the great feedback...

Much appreciated! Interestingly enough, Tuffy was diagnosed with an ear infection a few weeks ago that we're still treating. Wonder if it's related to the tongue issue? I will schedule a vet appointment to recheck ears and discuss the tongue darting thing. I will show him the video and also mention all the possible causes that everyone brought up. I will keep everyone posted. Hopefully it isn't a neurological thing that's going on.

Thanks again!