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Chewing feet

One of my bullies has started chewing her feet.  She does not do it all the time and not always the same foot.  She is also rubbing her chin on the ground.  She is eating rice and lamb food.  I would appreciate anyone's advice.


Sniff her Paws... if it smells like Corn Chips. . Yeast

Gizmo 'works' on her paws when they start to get Yeasty -

Dunking in  Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, and water solution  twice a day for a few days clears it up.

1 part ACV  - 1 part HP  - 2 to 3 parts water.   make sure they solution gets all through the feet, toes, pads,  I usually Dunk and massage while they are in the solution.


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