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chew toys related to ears

I have a 5 yo male bulldog. After many, many hours of chewing on raw hide bones, a few hours later, he is shaking his head, as if something is wrong with his ears. However, is ears are not red, or warm. But continues to shake his head. If we don't let him chew the next time, all is fine. Has anyone else experienced this? They are just plain raw hide, he does not swallow any of it. thanks

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The shaking of the ears may not have anything to do with the rawhide,perhaps just a coincidence. A trip to the vet is needed to check the ears. Constant shaking of the head can cause ear hematomas. My bully needed 2 surgeries for hematomas on each ear.
Rawhide is not a good idea for bullies. With the strong jaws of a bully, the rawhide can swell and a bully can rip a piece off and choke on it or swallow it. If swallowed, it is difficult to get out of airway and surgery is required if it gets stuck in the intestinal tract.


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No rawhide

Too much of a health risk and they can't digest that stuff if they swallow it. Big chokeing hazard. Try antlers instead and monitor when they get to the end and throw the small hunk away.

Also I would really watch where the rawhide is coming from. Don't buy anything that is being made in China.

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vet check

yes, he has been to the vet, since his ears flair up from time to time. They only give him drops and meds. I will talk more with him about this. We monitor him all the time, mostly we hold the bone while he chews so he does not swallow any. thanks.

Head shaking/tremor?

Are you sure it's not a coincidence and that he is having what is referred to as a "head tremor"? Google the term and watch a video of this. It's unknown why it happens, common to bulldogs and a type of sugary substance usually helps. I give regular sugared yogurt if my dogs get one. Some people use Karo suryup, something like that. It's like they are low on blood sugar and a little sugar helps right away. Mine have only had them a few times, but usually at night time when they are just going to sleep, or waking up, not after chewing for long periods so that is odd.

But like others have said, NO rawhide. Go to buly sticks, antlers or something like that. But even with the bully sticks, you have to monitor your babies so they don't choke. If your dog is like mine, they will swallow anything! From ropes, that they will sit at for long periods trying to get the littlest peice to come off, to toilet paper rolls, paper, plastic rings from milk jugs, cell phones, remote controls... OMG anything goes in their mouth! Worse then a 2 year old child really.


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